News Commentary 5D Ricky

The weather is becoming cold this week and it is at the peak of the influenza season in Hong Kong as well as the first day of school. It’s necessary for us to prevent contracting it in our daily lives.

Firstly, we can start from every day life. If we feel sick, we need to stay at home to take rest and do not go to work or school, especially the students. If there are serious cases at school, the authority may device a suspension of classes for a week. In this way, it will disturb the student’s academic performance. Moreover, after sneezing or coughing, we need to wash hands thoroughly. If you get sick, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Apart from the personal side, the government or the schools also need to be attentive. Firstly, the government should give virus-prevention guidelines and the precaution to all schools with a view to keeping the outbreaks under control. Furthermore, if there are more than three cases of students influenza infection at the same time, the schools should report to the Department of Health.

Finally, should we pass through this winter, all the things will turn better.

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10 Responses to News Commentary 5D Ricky

  1. 5a24 說道:

    Yes, this is the influenza season.We should take care ourself.If we feel sick, we should not go to school.

  2. 5D 31 Wong Kwan Hung 說道:

    Recently, the flu spread very rapidly. It is terrible that if people get sick, they should visit the doctor immediately since we don’t know whether or not it is flu. In addition, we have to pay more attention and be aware of the hygiene of ourselves as it is significantly important for us or others to make sure we wouldn’t get any illness in this dangerous time.

  3. laiszewai 說道:

    YEAH!This week indeed very cold .However , some schoolgirs want to wear skirt .
    It is very cold for us to study in school.

  4. LaiChunHang(Tinky Winky) 說道:

    In my opinion,to prevent from influenza,especial swine flu,we should work out from time to time and strike a balance between dialy dieting and handling trifling assignmnet,for example,
    doing English homework,play computer games and watching plasma television.As a result,we can be more stronger and be well being.

  5. ChrisLeung 5c 說道:

    I`m extremely agree with you. We should pay more attention in our daily lives.For example,people should wash their hands before meals toto prevent bacteria entry our body.

  6. Albrey Chan 5B 3 說道:

    I have got what Ricky mean.It is absolutly correct that if we feel sick, we need to stay at home to take rest and do not go to work or school.But if we absent for a day or even more, there must be so many things for us to catch up.

  7. Chester So 說道:

    Recently,the weather often becomes abnormal,fits and starts.It’s easy for publics to be sick.I observe some people will be unknow that what clothes will wear in each days since they can’t know that the weather is cold or hot.

  8. Tsang Ho Tin 說道:

    I love weather is cold since I would like to play football at this weather.That feel is very great.However,we will sick .Thus,we want to wear more clothes to get us warm.


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