News Commentary 5C Jade

A recent survey of public opinion carried out by an environmental organization to find out that if people approved of using paper bags.

It is discovered that seventy percent of interviewees in favour of stopping using paper bags anymore. Moreover, fifty-six percent of respondents supposed to bring paper bags into second-phase range of levy on plastic bags.

According to the environmental organization, there were 1.2 hundred million of paper bags being disposed in the landfills. It reveals that the quality of air in many countries around the world will be seriously influenced since that trash would be burnt in order to have a capacity for other rubbish.

Nevertheless, burning rubbish has a crisis of increasing carbon dioxide in the air. Besides that, it is easy for the elderly and people with heart and lung problems to suffer the most from this environmental problem. Most seriously, it could make global warming become more irreversible.

As a result, it is recommended that government ought to take those problems seriously. For instance, the tax of using paper bags when shopping should be imposed so that people could decrease to use that. What’s more, it is believed that the most effective way to solve the problem is that paper bags should be reused by people for other purposes.

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17 Responses to News Commentary 5C Jade

  1. Oscar Yeung 5A(33) 說道:

    There are too many contradictions of levy on plastic bags or build a incinerator to burning rubbish in Hong Kong. Personally, I think the government can’t build a incinerator to burning rubbish since we haven’t enough place and it will affect our health seriously.We should remind ourselves of don’t waste the paper or plastic bags anymore and we should reuse it !

  2. Michelle Pang 說道:

    The paper bag problem is a serious problem in Hong Kong.It could effect the environment. Paper bag problem could make global warming .

    • 5a24 說道:

      The paper bag problem is a serious problem in Hong Kong.It could effect the environment. Paper bag problem could make global warming .

  3. Chester So 說道:

    In my opinion,plastic bags are very not environmentally friendly in the world.government must think some feasible solution to resolve this problem.Using other things to replace the plastic bags also are possible way such as recycle bag,it may a common methods.

  4. Wendy 說道:

    Take care of ourselves is the best way to keep our health. If we get sick, we should not go outside. We should get rest at home. It can help us cure the disease quickly.

  5. Tidus Wong 說道:

    As what the news said that paper bag would be the new problem for environment .So the government should pay attention on this . For example , they could bring up paper bag reusing

  6. 5B(P) 29 Emily Tang 說道:

    It’s sad that I always see the news about the environment being ruined more seriously. I believe that people know we should bring our own bags to shop. However, they still use many plastic and paper bags. Are they understand using too many plastic and paper bags will increase the burden on landfills, aren’t they?

  7. 5D 31 Wong Kwan Hung 說道:

    Not only would the over-used paper bags cause the serious problem but also people always behave badly to make the environment dirty. For example, people always litter and spit. So. our living condition is worser than before. If people don’t address and solve this problem, I’m afraid that the earth would be ruined after several dacades or centuries.

  8. maya mak (5a) 說道:

    I am in favour of the government inceasing the tax of using paper bags because the paper bags are made by tree .We couldn’t cut the tree anymore.

  9. calvin chan 說道:

    It is necessary for us to protect this pretty world . As one part of the earth we must stop use plastic bags , for the earth and for ourselves . Hey , let us use cloth bag .

  10. AnwarJan 5A01 說道:

    After i read the news, i think that the big problem in the all world is about the environment since many people don’t care about our world. Moreover, many countries waste more and more rubbish. If the people don’t start to be more environmental protection, it will ruin our planet.

  11. Woo Hoi Lun(5D33) 說道:

    People should stop using paper bags,because the paper need some trees to manufacture.Using the paper bags is not environmentally friendly,people need to cut down many trees,this not only damage the enviornment ,however,it is affect the nature and ecosystem seriously.If people reduce to use the paper bags,it will avoid the landfills fulling.

  12. LaiChunHang(Tinky Winky) 說道:

    Nowadays,HongKongers frequently use paper bags instead of plastic bags whcih have already levied additional tax on all customers.To me,the government should foster the awareness of people throught broadcasting educational advertisement about using environmentally friendly
    bags rather than paper bags to reduce manufacturing rubbish and release the pressure of landfills.

  13. Matt Chan (5B) 說道:

    Should we reduce to use paper bags , it will improve the quality of air effectively . Why don’t we use environmental bags to replace paper bags . Using environmental bags can be reused as well as it is durable =] .

  14. lilinzhi 說道:

    the problem about the environment always being discuss by people. I hope that this problem will be solve as fast as possible. By the way,your English are so good that I think I will never catch on you. just add oil for all of us.

  15. 5D (P) 25 RickyNgO 說道:

    Being convinient , we always use paper bags or plastic bags in our daily life.
    However , burning the paper bags or plastic bags will increase carbon dioxide in the air .
    As a result , Taking a own green bag is most important thing that we need to do when shopping .
    Not only can it reduce rubbish , but also be more green !

  16. Chung Chun Yip 說道:

    I agree your main,It is a serious porblems for people to use paper bags. If i were you.I would not hav used the paper bags


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