News Commentary 5A Cheung Ching Man

Tobacco tax may be raised by 40 percent in the upcoming budget. A 39-dollar pack of cigarettes could cost 49 dollars in future.

The government thought that it’s an effective way to encourage smokers to give up smoking. Actually, there are pros and cons in this measure.

There are some advantages in it. Some smokers would rather give up smoking because of the high cost on buying cigarettes. And then it is about the toxic chemical that is released by burning cigarettes. Reducing harmful smog can help to improve Hong Kong’s environment. Most importantly, this measure can prevent both active and passive smokers from the harm of smoking.

On the contrary, some people thought the idea of increasing the tax would encourage cigarette smuggling. Moreover, the smokers will have difficulties in quitting smoking. For the smokers who are low-incomers, this measure will increase their financial burden.

In conclusion, one of the objectives of the measures is to discourage smoking. Although there are some negative effects in it, I would like to applaud the measure enforced by the government as it can help the smokers give up smoking. In order to get a healthy body and build up a beautiful city, I hope the smokers can quit smoking as soon as possible.


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10 Responses to News Commentary 5A Cheung Ching Man

  1. RAELWUNG 5D 18 說道:

    I think this measure can not prevent smokers smoking.It was because they wii buy cigarettes.It is good for selling cigarettes.

  2. 5B(P) 29 Emily Tang 說道:

    In my opinion, this is a good opportunity to give up smoking. Nowadays, Hong Kong is affected by inflation. Many Hong Kong people can ‘t withstand the pressure of inflation. Therefore, with a view to reducing household expenditure, smokers will consider giving up smoking.

  3. Danny Tong 5D 29 說道:

    I my opinion, this scheme can not improve the smoking problem. Although the tobacco tax may be raised by 40 percent, some smoker will buy some cigarette smuggling. Moreover, some newspaper stalls will be affected by this budget.

  4. Christy Lau 5D13 說道:

    I agree that the government to raise tobacco tax because it can encourage the smokers to quit smoking. However, it is more important that the grovenment should address the black market problem first.

  5. Albrey Chan 5B 3 說道:

    I agree with Ching Man that the poloce is an effective way to encourage smokers to give up smoking. It is because this may increase the expenditure in buying tobacco.Also, this may also increase their financial burden.

  6. Yuen chun ho 5b35 說道:

    I think this so good!! Because it is important for our health . Also, it can help people who was smoke to quit smoking .

  7. Philip 5C 35 說道:

    Seriously,cigarettes is a bad think which would affect our body and health.Hong Kong government should increase the price of cigarettes.I totally agree that it could make smokers stop smoking.

  8. ChrisLeung 5c 說道:

    You teke my point,Danny. Furthermore, i think the cigarette smuggling problem more serious than smoking problem.In addition to affecting newspaper stalls,some people will
    join the black market to selling cigarettes to make money.

  9. lilinzhi 說道:

    Smoking are not good for our health,I also hope that people can give up smoking. Recently,the price of the smoke is rise, a lot of smokers said that they will give up smoking.I hope they can do it.

  10. 5C Jade Yip 說道:

    As a matter of fact, I strongly agree that the government implements the measure to discourage smoking.
    The major reason is the fact that tobacco contains some harmful substances like nicotine, tar and so forth. Therefore, smokers will be easy to suffer from different kinds of diseases just like cardiovascular disease, cancer et cetera on the understanding that they smoke over a long period of time, won’t they?
    Another reason is that burning cigarettes poses potentially harzard to the environment of Hong Kong. Without a doubt that air pollution in contemporary society is gradually becoming serious. As a result, it is crucial for all of smokers to abstain from smoking. Otherwise, the index number of air pollution due to toxic chemical from burning cigarettes around the world will be on the rise to threaten the environment and the health of us, won’t it?
    In conclusion, in spite of the fact that this measure exists some disadvantages, the most important thing is our health and beautiful city. Consequently, the most effective way is getting rid of smoking to improve the life quality.


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