Greens see red in push for old packets 5B Emily Tang

There was a green group beginning to collect red packets which are empty but still new.

I think that’s a great idea about being environmentally friendly. We know that paper is made of tree. Red packets are made of paper. With a view to providing enough red packets, many trees are cut. We should protect our ‘homes’, so we should recycle the old red packets.

Apart from these, empty red packets have others usefulness. First, we can use the red packets to make some accessories, which are special and have rich Chinese characteristics. When I visited my friend’s home, I saw a gold fish lantern made of red packets. It’s clever of her to make the lantern. I remember my teacher teaching us to do that too. It can not only explore our creativity, but also make our home more beautiful. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Moreover, we can collect the old packets. During the new year holiday, I watched a TV program. It interviewed an elderly. He was collected a lot of empty red packets, which were received from others, for many years. It is simply because they have commemorative value. When it comes to watching these old red packets, he would recollect the memories of living with his wife.

If you aren’t romantic like him, you can collect used red packets for next year. Also there was a cyber friend suggesting using the used red packets to be memos because the packets inside are white.

Someone may say that why don’t we simply avoid giving out lai see. It’s more environmentally friendly. However, giving lai see is the Chinese tradition and customs, we should keep this.

Had I known these early, I would not have thrown my used red packets. I will try to do that next year. Also, I will recommend my friends to do these.

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7 Responses to Greens see red in push for old packets 5B Emily Tang

  1. Cheung Ching Man 說道:

    To be honest, I had also thrown my used red packets after I took out the money that was inside the packets. I didn’t know the old red packets can be reused for other purposes until I read this article. I will reuse my red packets next year in order to protect our living environment.Let’s do it!

  2. AnwarJan 5A01 說道:

    I also saw many handicraft is making fron red pockets and they were very beautiful.
    In fact, i had also seen many people throw their empty red packets and i alse one of their. Moreover, after read this article, i will try to be more being environmentally friendly.

  3. Christy Lau 5D13 說道:

    In my opinion, reusing the red packets is a good way to be more green. It not only save money, but also save the eath. If everyone does it ,I believe the environment will improve one day.

  4. laiszewai 說道:

    I strongly agree that keeping lai see this Chinese tradition and customs.Furthermore, I think keep the red pocket is a idea for protect our ‘home’.

  5. Tidus Wong 說道:

    I knew this druing the Chinese New Year inthis year. I had kept the red packets which I got in this yaer . I wanted to give them to the group which is collecting this.
    However , I don’t know how to do this .

  6. Chan Wai Fung (5B) 說道:

    I have a special idea . Why don’t we cancel this activities . Athough it is wild flights of fancy , it is work . Which world or festival day is more important? In my opinion , in order to save the earth , this festival day ought to be cancelled . It can reduce to use papar as well as it can reduce to waste more rubbishes.

  7. 5D (P) 25 RickyNgO 說道:

    How come the red packets can be recycled!? It’s a wise action !
    The paper is made of tree and the red packets are made of paper.
    In this way , we can decrease to cut the trees !!!
    It’s cool !
    If this kind of idea can be more , the earth can be promising !!!! `~


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