Diaoyu Islands Incidents 5D Ricky Ng

Diaoyu Island incident has been a heat debate between China and Japan. It not only makes the two countries’ relationship worsen, but also influences the whole country’s economy.

The Chinese consulate in Nagasaki was hit. No one was injured and no damage was done. However, it expanded the misunderstanding between the two countries. Should the same event keep in happening, it will be a vicious circle. In this way, it’s hard to fix the relationship between the two countries.

These incidents will weaken the confidence of tourists. Nowadays, many tourists of two countries are frightened to be attacked while travelling Japan or Chin even worse, they will cancel all the tours. It will affect the two countries’ economy negatively.

In conclusion, no matter whose Islands it is, we can’t ignore the impacts of the incident.


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12 Responses to Diaoyu Islands Incidents 5D Ricky Ng

  1. 5D 18 說道:

    I also agree Diaoyu Island affect the relationship betweenChina and Japan.
    I hope China and Japan can solve the problem about the Diaoyu Island.

  2. 5a 21 說道:

    Diaoyu Island incident make China and Japan relationship bad. It will affect China and Japan economy negatively .

  3. 5B35 說道:

    I think it is unnecessary , bacause we just waste the time to solve this problem . If we do not get a answer ,we may start a war and die.

  4. Danny Tong 5D 29 說道:

    In my opinion, Diaoyu Island is a important problem between China and Japan. I think they should plan a good scheme. It not only can improve the relationship between the two countries, but also can shrink misunderstanding between China and Japan.

  5. Chester So 說道:

    It was annoyed for me to read the Diaoyu Island incident.Diaoyu Island is belonging for china since Diaoyu Island was in the china’s map long time.If this incident still can not solve,China and Janpans’ relationship will become worsen.

  6. Philip 說道:

    Well, Diaoyu Island was belongs to japan when China comfronted japan.After japan announced they lost,the Islands should be give back to China,but they said that island is belongs to them.I think it would be something when they have a settlement.

  7. Ji Yoon 說道:

    5A JI Yoon
    When I listen the news about this two county, I feel very sared as I don’t want to see the war in my life or county.I hope China and Japan can make are good friend, don’t always quarrel.

  8. ChrisLeung 5C 說道:

    Money is the source of evil. If there is no oil,the conflict does not occur.
    But i think the DiaoyuIsland not belong to anyone, it belongs to the earth,and hope that the world peace forever.

  9. 5B 7 Chan yin 說道:

    As a chinese , I have always belived that Diaoyu Island was one part of chinese territory . Protect Diaoyu Island are the responsibility of every Chinese . Japanese only see the vast land of China , has ignored the anger of chinese people . If they do not wake up , someday they will pay for this .

  10. 5B 7 Chan yin 說道:

    This is very important for Hk to solve the promblem about drug abuse . Every one knows that cocaine is like the devil which will make you closer to death .So it is the the biggest security risks for the world . Oh , not only for the world ,but also for humans . We have to protect ourselves stay away from drugs.

  11. Cammy 說道:

    I think it was unnecessary , bacause we just waste the time to solve this problem . If we do not get a answer ,we may start a war and die.



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