A Warrior–Law Kwan-Cho 5C Jade

The warrior of regeneration Law Kwan-Cho who was an artist was in a critical coma in virtue of his sudden cardiopathy. Unfortunately, after an emergency rescue in Intensive Care Unit, he eventually died of illness.

In recent years, Law was afflicted with diabetes, nephritis so he must have his right keg amputated. Nevertheless, he overcame all the difficulties with optimism and courage all the while, and he did not see himself as disabled. After he had re-stood up with the help of artificial limbs, he once said, ‘I just don’t have a leg, but not a world.’

In spite of the fact that he lost one of his legs, he still encouraged us not to give up our lives, and we should cherish our family and friends.

Suddenly. Oscar Pistourius who is known as ‘ the fastest thing on no legs’ is called to mind because Law was as valiant as him, and they persuade their dreams with sincereness and enthusiasm.

Therefore, I admire Law Kwan-Cho very much as he was full of hope for life when he was alive. Likewise, though he had a leg amputated, he also actively participated in some charities.

Let us pray that he can forget all the pain.

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13 Responses to A Warrior–Law Kwan-Cho 5C Jade

  1. Oscar Yeung(5A 33) 說道:

    Law Kwan-Cho able to overcome difficulties in his life, it’s deserves our respect. We must learn from his spirit and encourage our students not to give up in coming exam.

  2. Vergil 說道:

    I admire Law Kwan-Cho very much too~This man is really a good person.I belive that he can forget all the pain.

  3. Chan Wai Fung 說道:

    I think health is important for our life after I read this commentary . If we are unhealthy , we cannot do a lot of thing . Therefore , we need to keep healthily , we should live healthily . Hopefully , everyone has a healthy living and lives happily .

  4. 5c leechunkit 說道:

    i think this story is very exciting , and i think this Warrior is very brave

  5. Tsang Ho Tin 說道:

    Law Kwan-Cho had showed us what is a Wonderful life since he was afflicted with diabetes, nephritis.However,he haven’t given up his life.When I heard his death at the tv programme ,I was so sad.
    I hope that he can enjoy his life in heaven.

  6. Chester So 說道:

    In my opinion,Law Kwan-Cho is a good example for we to study.We do everything not give up easily.Although he lost one of his legs,he still can do something.He also do some charity activities.If I do something like him,my life must very successful.

  7. Philip 說道:

    I felt sad for his dead.I think we should pray for him.Hope he will be happy in another world.He made us felt happy when we was young.Now,it is time for us to make happy to other people.

  8. Cheung Ching Man 說道:

    I think this article is quite inspiring, it teach us how to face the difficulties actively.Moreover,I also admire Law Kwan-Cho as he was very brave when he was in such difficult situations.Therefore, we should also have an optimism attitude for our lifes!

  9. Ji Yoon 說道:

    5A Ji Yoon
    Hi, I feel surprised about your article because I don’t know Law Kwan-Cho died already, that is very horrible.I like his film which is funny.However, I learn something from him, “Never say die!". When Law Kwan-Cho sicked, he never gave up.So next time if I sick in the exam I must not avsent.

  10. samuel 說道:

    test 1,2,3

  11. Kathy Mung 5C(22) 說道:

    Statistics show that deaths due to diabetes and heart disease were the most,because modern life is too rich, but does not guarantee the quality of food.
    Therefore, we should pay attention to daily habits and diet, maintain a healthy body.

  12. Tom 說道:

    I think its a good essay.Since it is talking about a dead pop star.He is a funny man.I felt sad of he died.

  13. lilinzhi 說道:

    So a touch story it is. Law Kwan-Cho is so brave that he never give up himself although he lost one of his leg. We should learn Law Kwan-Cho"s spirit of never give up.



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