Dear Diary 1A Yannes Yeung

Dear diary:

My name is Yannes. I am twelve years old. My birthday is on ten of june. My family nembers are my father, mother, brother and my sister and l live in Tin Sha Wai.

  I have a new friend .she is Karen. she usually talks with me at recess.

  I sometime do homework on Saturday afternoon and I sometime play with my friend. I usually play badminton with my sister and brother.
My favourite sudject is Chinese, because I think the Chinese teacher is very kind.I like playing badminton but I don’t like reading books and I like watching DVDs.

My secondary school is Ju Ching Chu Secondary Schoo I am in class number is 25.

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One Response to Dear Diary 1A Yannes Yeung

  1. 5c leechunkit 說道:

    your’s family is very big, i think you in jcctm is very happy


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