Dear Diary 1A Wong Tin Ho

Dear Diary

  My name is Wong Tin Ho. I am thirteen years old. I have three family members at. They are my mother, brother and I. We live in Yune Long. I like eating ice-cream with my brother. We always eat it every week.                                                                             

  I am a student in school. With friend in 1A class. I take a school bus to go to school. My class teachers are kind. I like English the most, because it is interesting.             

  I love plating chess with my class teacher and my friend, too. They play it very well. They always win me, but I love playing it with them.                                                                    

  At weekends, I love going shopping with my family. They always buy clothes with me. They always eat lunch with me, too. I love them because they look after me. It s exciting and interesting with them.

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One Response to Dear Diary 1A Wong Tin Ho

  1. 5c leechunkit 說道:

    you with your brother is good relapionship


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