Dear Diary 1A To Yuk Lam

  My name is To Yuk Lam , I’m thirteen years.

  I have a father , mother , a little sister and a little brother.

  I am a student in Tuen Muen Ju Ching Chu secondary school . I in 1a class.

  At weekends , I always call Billy and Marco to go to play badminton , basketball and computer online games.

  My favorite is at weekend go to swimming . I love eating fish ball , dumplings , tomato , pizza , watermelon and rice . My favorite subjects are Chinese , libareral student , math and computer . I like to play tabu , harp , violin , contra , bassoon , piano and guitar because I like music very much .I love my mother and father because they both love me.

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One Response to Dear Diary 1A To Yuk Lam

  1. 5c leechunkit 說道:

    good ,with billy and marco to play is very happy things


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