Dear Diary 1A Sam Tsang

Dear Diary

  My name is Sam. I am thirteen years old. My family members are mother, father and elder brother. My father’s job is a teacher. My brother is student a Ju Ching Chu Secondary school (Tuen Mun). I’m a1A calss in Ju Ching Chu Secondary. I have many new friends .They are Tom peter Tommy, and Jay.

  I like playing badminton. Volleyball, basketball, tennis, bowing, squash, golf.

Football, hockey, Jado and rugby, because I like playing funny ballgames.

At weekends father, mother and I also go shopping.Or I do homework.

  Tom is clever, He teaches me to do homework.

  Tummy is naughty. Hereads enhtish very loudly .Jay is Polite. Hesays morning to all teachers.

I like them very much because they are very friendly.

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One Response to Dear Diary 1A Sam Tsang

  1. 5c leechunkit 說道:

    rugby want to a big body to play , i think it is a horribe things


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