Diaoyu dispute sparks nationalist sentiment

Diaoyu dispute sparks nationalist sentiment

Hung Cheuk Lam Chiron 6B (10)


Recently, the row between 2 countries – China and Japan – is rising due to detention of a trawler captain called Zhan Qixion. Indeed, it induced outcry from Chinese officials. China had announced disagreement and protests for several times but it seemed that nothing would threaten japan’s decision until China has done some sanctions towards Japan. However, the row seems to exist yet.


Chinese are irritated by more than Diaoyo dispute. Since group of Chinese tourists had been harassed in Japan, China officials is posing a Tourism Warning to Japan. More than the warning, Chinese may see this event as a kind of reflection of resentment towards Chinese. Japan officials continually refuses the demand form China which are compensation and an apology. Thus, Chinese would be annoyed by how firm Japan stance is. Throughout the above events, I can see how Chinese is irritated and ,fortunately ,irrational protest hasn’t happen anywhere yet.


Therefore, the nationalist sentiment may be sparked in China, even else where. We can see that there are protests pinning on Japan around Japan and China. Moreover, China detained several staff from a Japanese Corp. because they allegedly videotaped in restricted region in China. It seems that China want to pay back. As a ordinary secondary student, what I can do is just hoping no any war and battles.

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3 Responses to Diaoyu dispute sparks nationalist sentiment

  1. Tam ka ho 說道:

    I think sometimes Japan do somethings extremely excessive to irritate China,although China has strongly warning but I see that China hasn\’t something real actions to fight against.I think that it is why China is contempted by Japan or United status for long period of time.If China wants to raise reputation all over the world, it should display prestigeof a giant country .However, in basically each countryshould respect and get along with each other in peacefully and friendly.

  2. cho yiu 說道:

    I think that the leader of the two countries should take action now. They should do something to solve the problem or improve the relationship between china and Japan. Since this problem will affect the economic development in two countries such as the tourist industry. Hence, the two leaders must take action to reduce the losing in this argument of two countries. 6B Law Cho Yiu

  3. 5C Lee Chun Kit 說道:

    For China and Japan, the conflict between the two countries. I think they need a communication platform between the two countries.Resolve the misunderstanding between them because I believe that no one wants to see the war and casualties.



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