What happened to our society?

What happened to our society?

Polly Chung Shu Ting(8)


On the recent incident about a 13 year old boy indecently assaulted a 5-year-old girl, it makes me wonder what happened to our society.


        Many who knew about this are blaming the hospital for not having separate wards to separate boys from girls, but I think it is not solely the fault of the hospital. It has no doubt that the hospital has to bear some of the responsibilities on this, but school and parents should also bear a part of it.


        Our School is where we are taught knowledge and about the different aspects in life, it has no excuse when something like this happened the school would have to bear the consequences for not teaching the child properly as most children spend most of their time in school every day.


        It goes the same for parents. Being parents it is their responsibility to teach their children and assist them as they grow older. This should not be blamed on having no time or having any excuses, as it is their job as a parent to tell their child what they should or should not do.

        If everyone could spare a little time each day to care for the people around them, this would be a better world and may these incident will come to a stop in the near future.

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17 Responses to What happened to our society?

  1. KA YEE 說道:

    Teach the children to deal with the relationship between boys and girls are very significant since in this case the 13 year old boy may comit crime ,worst still,he may send to prison .So ,if parents and schools arn\’t cooperatewith each other,their children and studfents may go astray easily.As a student ,we should be consider the classmates andintimate friends around us ,give correct and constructive opinions and suggestions to our friends may save their lives.

  2. Wai Ting 說道:

    This incident notice us to pay close attention to those teenagers , especially the parents. When the parents decide to born a baby and that mean they have responsibilities to teach their children.This is the unchanged fact.In order to change and teach teenagers, parents need to spend more time to communicate with their children. Love is also necessary for teenagers , can parents show their love to the teenagers ? If parents can pay more attention to the teenagers , they must have some change.

  3. kiki 說道:

    Nowadays,most of the teachers and parents evaded the issue of sex, children can’t receive the correct message from them and children find the information from the internat.But most of the information are wrong and distorted.School should design more sex education and help them to build up the right concept about sex.If they know more about sex,their curiosity about this will decrease and know more about which thing can’t do or can do.Catherine Lee(6B16)

  4. Man Man 說道:

    I think it is ridiculous that teenagers do not know what they can do and they cannot do. The boy should know the relative moral grounds, since he is already 15-year-old, he have ability to decide what is correct. On the other hand, I do agree with the suggestion that parents shouldteach their children appropriately, example is better than precept. It is prime to alert teenagers that a bad behaviour will affect the whole life. By Hannah Yeung (6B31)

  5. april 說道:

    First of all, I hope it will raise the concern of public that the children’s ward should be separate into two parts, boy’s ward and girl’s ward. Even that they are still children, or teenagers. They should be treated as different genders.

  6. april 說道:

    Secondly, education of gender should be taught by teachers and parents. A correct concept of sexes should be built up amid their minds. Not only correct concepts, I agree that love and care from parents is also important, parents should notice the difference of emotion of their kids, and carry extra handle of these problems in order to prevent such kind of thing happening again.April Chan 6B(3)

  7. Anson 說道:

    I felt shocking when I am hear this news. How the boy could do this thing under the watching of doctors and nurses in the hospital. But l do not think the hospital should carry the main responsibilities, since most of us think that the boy was still a child, he had no idea about sex.

  8. Anson 說道:

    But nowadays ,children may get into puberty much early by food, and they get the information about sex from Internet. I think the main responsibilities should me carry by Internet, since children can easy get the bad information from itAnson Leung 6B 17

  9. pakkan 說道:

    i am shocked when i hearing this news. the sex education is not enougth obviously. although he know this act will carry out a serious problem , he still do this act.i think the main responsiblities is internet>. the children is easy to get some wrong information about sexual news. the parent should started to teach them how to use internet.

  10. pakkan 說道:

    kelvin tsui 6b 29

  11. tszngai 說道:

    I feel surprised after I read this news. It is a serious problem leading to the their parents and school. Firstly, their parents should do more to prevent their children from getting amorous information from the internet since the development of internet is as fast as the law cannot run to catch up. This make their children learn these things from the internet. Moreover, school should provide appropiate education about sex in order to prevent children to do wrong thing.Ryan Chan 6B 04

  12. 樂怡 說道:

    I also think that the parents should spend more time on theie children.Although parents are work from morning untill night,they must have a responsibilities to give more concerns to their children.Moreover,children get the information which are very easily in the internet.In order to teach and eduate the children,schools also can though the seminar to develop their right concept in sex.Also,it is

  13. 樂怡 說道:

    a bad example for children. So ,We should pay attention to this problem and hope that never happen.Xenia , wong lok yi 6B30

  14. waisun 說道:

    I think sepreate the children is not a good way to solve the problem. There are still have many ways for the boys contact with the girls which can\’t be avoided. The solution is to teach the children about what is sex . To let them know earlier ,so they won\’t curious about the others. So I think the education is ineeded.

  15. 說道:

    i felt amazing whem i read this news. Before i read this news i think it is impossible that the child indecently assaulted a little girl. Teach children is our common responsibliy. No one can deny the fact that a person\’s education is the most important aspect of his life. And we should find out what the13 year old boy thinking about and help him solve the problem.

  16. 說道:

    Also, the government should envisage this problem because at now have many cases look like this case.For example, the teacher indecently assaulted the student … Franky Chan 6B02

  17. 5C Lee Chun Kit 說道:

    I think that sex education not only due to the school. Many parents do not want young children to teach sex education.Parents and schools have a responsibility to teach young people what should or should not be!



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