Friends or foes are we seeking?

Friends or foes are we seeking?

Lai Ka Kit Terry 6B


Recently, the United State finds a planet which is similar to the Earth is believed to be able for people to live there. This planet, more or less, has the same gravity to that of the Earth, with about ten minus degree on the surface. Scientists clam that it is possible for humans to live under such conditions. However, it is twenty light-years far from us! We have to wait for at least forty years to get responses even if there is any intelligent creature receives the signals emitted from America.

In my opinion, it could be quite dangerous. If you have ever watched the movie called ` Mars Attacks’, you will see my point. In the movie, the aliens slaughtered people on the Earth with the weapons and technology that humans can’t even imagine, and of course, people are too weak to fight back. Supposedly, that the above comes true, it would definitely be a nightmare for all of us!

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12 Responses to Friends or foes are we seeking?

  1. 說道:

    Mr Ni Kuang have asked a extremely interesting question : "Do you think human will snatch things possessed by monkeys?"I argree with him very much. I think there are not any organism want to snatch a celestial body polluted seriously.

  2. 說道:

    Tam Kwong Shing 6B 26

  3. Z 說道:

    We should solve the pollution problem but not find a planet which is suitable for human to live on that. If it were a must, would we meet the aliens?But, I think it\’s maybe a interesting thing since I believe that the aliens had visited the Earth and they are friendly.However, I believe that I was dead already before going to another palnet.Siu Tsz Ling, 6B 22

  4. Joe 說道:

    In my opinion, I think it will be a nightmare for both of us, people in Earth and the organisms who live in other planets. For those organisms that have a worse intelligence quotient than us, we will never know what the response of us is. I think the worst situation is that we will try to invade them. And if the situation is reversed, no one will know what is the human final result.Joe Lam 6B 12

  5. Ellis 說道:

    It is no doudt that humans is greatly interested in exploitiing the universe for the demind of living with the limitted resources.However,when the problem we met not only is the technology restricted,but also how to get along with the aliens.It seems that we also are as the aliens to them.Maybe,they are just confused same as what KaKit does. Chi Lung Chan,6B,01

  6. Unknown 說道:

    With the fast pace development of technology, I believe it is no longer a futuristic fantasy for us to have contact with intelligent creatures from planets several light years apart. Some say this will lead human beings to destruction, while others say this will improve our lives.

  7. Unknown 說道:

    I agree that it could be quite dangerous for us to make contact with them as we have no idea of their intention and what they’re up to. Who knows one day, the scenarios in sci-fi or Mars Attacks may actually come real. Lau Tin Mui Apple ,6B , 13

  8. cho yiu 說道:

    I think that it will be the good news for everyone. Since the planet is similar with the earth. This will be the other home for us. Although, we have the other home in the future, we also need to save the earth at this moment the technology at that time cannot let us to go this planet. Therefore, saving the earth is the most important work for us at that moment. 6B Law Cho Yiu

  9. yu軒 說道:

    Although it may cause dangerous as Terry said above,it is still a good news for us.As we know that the resources like water,petroleum are limited in the Earth,it is a must to find a planet which can replace Earth in the future.Although it is a discovery of similar planet,I think that it is a good start of finding a planet, which suitable for living for our next generation.Edwin Chan 6B 5

  10. mok 說道:

    Actually, I think the searching of space is non-sence and waste money. On Earth, we still have many mysteries and problems that cannot be solved. Why do we need to find the other planet before we know all about the earth? Someone will say that because the pollution problems are too serious.But why don\’t we work together and solve the problem? Then we do not need to worry about any intelligent creactures living on the other planets.By Bobo Mok 6B(20)

  11. waisun 說道:

    It is a good news. Due to our destructions to the Earth;deforestion, release globe warming gases etc.,These destructions make our Earth become inappropriate for living. Also we may used up all the coal ,cuel oil and natural gas ,and die. So we have to find another planet to live. Although it is hard to find an apporopriate ,but we still have chance.

  12. 5C Lee Chun Kit 說道:

    After reading the article, I think it is a good news. It is because we can have another place to live.


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