What is the truth and what should we do?

What is the truth and what should we do?

Edwin Chan 6B (5)


Although the Hong Kong’s tourists taken hostage in Manila has already past 3 weeks,

the death of the Hong Kong’s tourists still is a mystery.


On 23 rd August, a vehicle, which transporting 22 tourists from Hong Kong and one Filipino, was commandeered by an armed former police officer Rolando Mendoza in Manila and it caused a 10 hours standoff between the Manila police and Mendoza. Unfortunately, there were 8 Hong Kong’s peoples dead in the standoff. Until now, the death of the tourists is still investigating and we still don’t kwon whether the people were killed by Mendoza shooting at a close range or killed by “friendly fire” from the Manila police.  But I think every Hong Kong’s people have different opinion in their mind.


When the television was broadcasting the accident at that time, many Hong Kong’s people felt angry and upset because of the poor handling of the Manila police. Hong Kong’s people might think that the tourists wouldn’t die if the Philippines government satisfies the Mendoza’s requests or the Manila police behave better and take more serious to this accident.


Although the Philippines government really had mistakes, I won’t punish on them as we have no right for judging them. When I discussed about the accident with my friend, I won’t put my negative feeling on it since it may causes the other people criticized on it. When the victims read the news or hear about the Philippines government mistakes from others, they will feel bad and it may recall the memory of the accident they experienced on that day. In case the Hong Kong’s tourists were killed by the “friendly fire” from the Manila police, we have no right to judge on them as we are not the victims. As a Christian, I will pray for the victims, theirs family and also Filipino since they all are experiencing pressure from themselves and others. Therefore, we should just support the victims but no more judging on the accident.


The news source: http://edition.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/asiapcf/09/09/philippines.bus.hostage/index.html


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23 Responses to What is the truth and what should we do?

  1. Ngo Yin 說道:

    I think we should not upload the videos of how the tour leader being killed as his parentts must be upsad.This is so cruel for us to mention about the process again .There is no doubt that philipines government handle the cases totally wrong.For me,I will never viited Philipines even it is just a special case(7B But Ngo Yin)

  2. Helen 說道:

    Actually, I was shocked when the television was broadcasting this accident.It was really a tragedy! Anyway, I agree with you that we should not blame anyone until the truth is investigated.Since it is useless to say anything without evidence.The only thing I can do now is to support the victims spiritually.7B Lai Tsz Shan, Helen

  3. ben 說道:

    We shouldn\’t hate Filipino anymore,because they are innocent.Since it was a tragedy,I think that all Pilipino would also felt sorry about this accident.It\’s obvious that the Philippines government should take the responsibility of this accident.Nevertheless,it is useless for us toblame anymore.I hope all victims\’ families can back to their normal life as soon as possible.(7B Ho Ka Ming, Ben)

  4. Tam ka ho 說道:

    I feel very angry to this incident.Becasue this tragedy can be evitable.But we can\’t put our wrath on Filipino,because it is just the false of philippines government.And most of of Filipino feel much sorry to this tragedy,therefore,we should not hate and despise them . The Philippines government should shoulder the responsibilitiy,give back the the justice to the victims, and apologize for their breach of duty.I hope all victims can cheer up and turn a new leaf.(6B Claude Tam ka ho )

  5. Lily 說道:

    It was a tragedy.Originally, the victims went to the trip happily. But, who can imagine that this will become their last trip.In this accident, we can\’t blame anyone until the truth is investigated. Also, we can\’t hostile to all the Pilipino. It is because they also felt sorry on this accident. I hope Jason can recovere his health and all the victims can back to their normal life.(7B Man Tsz Kwan,Lily)

  6. LEO 說道:

    Actually, I feel angry when I was watching the live broadcast as they handle this tragedy badly. I think many visitors won\’t plan to go to Philippines in future. This is a great punishment to Philippine government and her tourism, and we should not blame Filipino anymore as they don\’t want this happened neither. I agree that we should be positive and optimistic in order to encourage the survivors to turn over a new leaf.(7B Cheng Ka Ho, Leo)

  7. chun yiu 說道:

    7B(16) Ngai Chun YiuUndoubtedly , phillipian police force should shoulder the whole resposiilities this time because of their poor handling. Actually , as far as I am concerned , government ought to distribute aid to the victims instead of focusing on who have killed those Hong Kongers . I do not mean that the truth is not vital but putting the blame is the last thing we have do . Government should take care the victims first .

  8. tommy 說道:

    i don\’t think Filipino police did a good thing in the case. during the action we can cearly see them did some stupid things for example they did many things tomake the fomer police angry. also when the fomer police killing hong kong people , the Filipino police take a long time to kill him but many hong kong people were hurt ang even died.so the Filipino do a wrong thing and they should take most of the responsibility !(7B YIP Ka Nang, Tommy 26)

  9. cho yiu 說道:

    This time, the Philippines’s police had a big mistake in saving the hong kong people. The death of the eight people is still a mystery. The poor method of the police they used may kill some of the hong kong people. The Philippines’s government should prove this eight people are killed by which one. Moreover, the Philippines’s should also change the way to save people. 6B JoeLaw

  10. Anson 說道:

    I was watching TV on that night. I really felt angry when I saw what the polices of the Philippines did. How worst they are? I though they can not call as police , because the mistake the did , I could not imagine that why a team of polices could not kill one terrorist. At the end , eight Hong Kong people was dead , every Hong Kong people felt sad and angry about this.[6B 17 Leung Wai Ho]

  11. Patricia 說道:

    The Philippine Government was dealing with this tragedy in a wrong way.If they take immediate action to save the victim ,some of the deceased may survived.Also,I think that the Filipino are so merciless.How come they have mood to take photos in front of the touring bus?Don\’t they feel sad about that? Finally,for those died in this tragedy,I express my sorrow over their death and hope they can rest in peace.(7B 8 Lam Chui Ming Patricia)

  12. ka kit 說道:

    I believe justice is among us, even the truth is still hidden in somewhere, guilty will pay for this. When I saw the victims cry for their passed family, tears burn on my face, they are steamed with rage in that the Manila police did their "best" to show off their incapability. In fact, the President of Philippines even makes me feel far more furious. I wonder if his cheeky look is inborn or he is shameless in nature. Anyway, may all the souls rest.6B 9 Lai Ka Kit

  13. IcE' 說道:

    The Philippine Government absolutely made a big mistake this time especially their useless president!I don\’t understand why he can talk about this serious issue with his disgusting smile!However, the most important thing for us is that support the vitim\’s families now since they are living in a misery.I hope the vitims and their families can have a new life!(7B Lam Shu Ko)

  14. KA YEE 說道:

    Although things past for a month, I think large number of hongkongers will feel disappointed and angry about the rescue techniques and strategy of police officer in Manila ,not only the Manila \’s police officers \’ don\’t try their best without reservation but also their supervisior doesn\’t monitor or control the circumstances of that moment ,so they should take full responsibility of the event.Hope the living people going alive ,treasure the life since someone sacrifice it for you.

  15. charmaine 說道:

    I hate the Philippines government always conceal the fact. This case has already past a mouth, but we still can’t find the real situation of the death of the Hong Kong’s tourists. We can forgive them, Philippines is a poor country. However we can’t forgive them conceal the fact. By the way, I hope victims can be rest in peace, and their relative will be strong . Also , Philippines government can improve their defect very soon.6B 28 Tong Hoi Ting,Charmaine

  16. Unknown 說道:

    Indeed, I believe that everybody gets a little bit angry and disappointed by what the Philippines government have done. It is an eyesore to sit in front of the television, watching people suffers in live broadcast knowing that you could do nothing but pray for their safety. It’s outrageous that some of the Philippines students even take a group photo in where the nightmare happened with their big smiley face and post them to the Internet.

  17. Unknown 說道:

    However, we should keep calm and not let hostility grow blindly. This incident is not the fault of the whole Philippine nation. We shouldn’t be a racist and let the hatred grow between the two nations.(Apple Lau Tin Mui, 6B 13)

  18. Wai Ting 說道:

    I think our government did the best in this accidient, when coparing our government with the government of Philippines ,we could see that HK government tried to help the hostage in every ways.Also I think the Philippines government need to admit their faults in this accidient and realise that all of the life is treasueable.(Natelie , Lo Wai Ting , 6B 18)

  19. Cheuk kit 說道:

    I was watching TV while the incident was happening. I felt very angry with Philippines police\’s poor behaviour. I think that they made a big mistake for the victims. I don\’t know why the police could not kill Mendoza as there were many chances to kill him. If they can take these chances, 8 Hong Kong people do not need to die! (Mok Cheuk Kit,7B,12)

  20. Kong 說道:

    I know everyone are very angry and disappointed on how the Philippines government treat on the accident,and so do I,but I think we should stop discussing about this from now since nothing can be changed and I think it is the time for the victims and their family to overcome the incident,we should stay calm and pray for them.(Kong,Cheung Chun Ho,6B 6)

  21. C. 說道:

    There are many views on the incident in the Philiphines. Many may have anger towards the Filiphinos for injuring and killing their families or one of the member of their country; some may think that they have to forgive and forget about what happened.

  22. C. 說道:

    To me, I think that having anger is inevitable but our hatred should only be towards the person who caused the harm to our love ones. Thus, we should not still have hatred towards our Filiphinos as they caused no harm and we should never temper on other when we faced any unhappy incident.Polly Chung Shu Ting,6B 8

  23. 5C Lee Chun Kit 說道:

    I agree with you. I think the tragedy no one would want to happen .Accountability can not change the fact!



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