Something we will never forget

Something we will never forget

Chan Chi Lung Ellis 6B (1)


Recently, the A1 of all newspaper in Hong Kong has not escaped from a horrible hijack in the Philippines. Unfortunately, there were 8 Hong Kongers were killed and 9 were injured. It is undoubtedly that both of us paid attention to Philippine police’s how they coped with this serious case.
  The worse still there are a lot of curb when Hong Kong police are stepping in this case. The Philippine government hindered the observation of Hong Kong. Why do we cannot cooperate to each other and figure out the problem? Or are there any difficulties in Philippine government? It is high time we work together but not turning a blind eye.
  Someone might said the Philippine police can reduce the number of hurt but for their poor equipment and tactic. However, I think we should our eyes on what we can do to lend a helping hand to those victims apart from what the equipment the Philippine police got. Considering that it is helpless when they saw their parents and children were killed before them, those victims endured their phobia and sadness what they shouldered is too heavy for everyone. They can pick their normal lives up again as long as expressing our full-heated sympathy and solicitude.
  Thankfully, one of the seriously hurt teen is getting well and doing respond with irritation. I hope all the victim can get rid of heartbroken and try to return to their lives.

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23 Responses to Something we will never forget

  1. 說道:

    Although there were 8 Hong Kongers were killed and 9 were injured in Philippines unfortunately, I do not think it is a extraordinerily shocking and sad accident. There are ten thousands of child living with hunger but we never care. They dance with death every day. Some of them even can\’t have a cup of clean water. Many Hong Kong people was exceedingly angry or sad because they are Hong Kong people too. Dennis Tam 6B 26

  2. 說道:

    I do not mean they are not misfortune but if so many Hong Kong people hate Philippines because of the accident, why don\’t they hate China because of 64 or Indonesia because of anti-Chinese activities. Dennis Tam 6B 26

  3. Kit 說道:

    It\’s impossible for Philippine gov to allow HK police to investigate the case together. You must understand that HK is only a city but not a country.If Philippine gov cooperates with HK police, Philippine shows that she\’s techbique is not even as good as a city.Philippine will show a very bad image to the world once again.Derek 7B

  4. Kit 說道:

    People focus on the equipment of Philippine police because the news broadcast live how horrible it is.We all know that Philippine police made many unforgivable fatal mistakes.What can we do to help the victims?Why should we focus on how to help them?I don\’t mean that they do not deserve our help but it\’s the responsibility of HK gov.Many people die in accident every day.Can we help them all?The only thing we can do is to pray for them, for everyone in the world.Derek 7B

  5. Joe 說道:

    The disaster shows us not only the powerlessness of the Philippines government but also the spirit of the hongkongers which is always lending the helping hand to whoever they need. During the investigation of the issue, we should know more about the process of the disaster but in fact I think what we get is only the Philippines government\’s unreasonable disturbance.Joe Lam 6B 11

  6. Joe 說道:

    It is a shame for who tries to change the result of the accident report and hopes the report can keep our mouth shut. There is no reason for us to compromise. I think we have to stay firm for the victims for the hongkongers.Joe Lam 6B 11

  7. King Fung 說道:

    It is a good title! We will not forget the event. I cannot believe that 8 hongkongers were killed by a former police.I was filled with anger at Philippine police!Why they took action slowly?However, it is useless to criticise them.We should do what we can do and pray for the victims now.

  8. Sunny Wong 說道:

    The manner in which the Philippine situation startled all of us. Actually the government can avoid the hijack incident, but they didn\’t. The most disheartening case had just shown on TV. Although we may not know who the victims are, some people cried and prayed for them. To my mind, the governor of Malina should be blamed, pressure should be given to the Filipino Government to treat this case seriously. Matter fact, I think Filipino President should give us a sincere apology at all. 7B Sunny 21

  9. pakkan 說道:

    I totally agree with you.As you said we should do to lend a helping hand to those victims . I also think it is enough for talking about this horrible hijack , the victum\’s family would not want to hear this news every day. They reaily phobia and sadness. I hope we can let it go< and started a new days. Let\’s us to pray to god for died. 6B Kelvin 29

  10. cho yiu 說道:

    I think that no one will forget this event since seldom have this kind of event happened. Hence, many hong kong people cannot forget about that. In addition, I think that many hong kong people cannot accept this event happened because of the fact that the method of the philippines’s government to save people is so poor that it made eight people died. Any way, the philippines should also remember this event to prevent this event happen again. 6B Joe Law

  11. Z 說道:

    You\’re right. I believe that no one will forget this event. It is so unbelievable that how the Philippine police rescue those hostages ridiculously. I feel angry with the Philippines\’ government and police.They try to cover the truth and refuse to admit their mistakes .But, now, all we can do is pray for those victims.I hope the Philippines\’ government will apologize to the victims and their families because of their misresponsibilities.6B Ren Siu

  12. 惠嫻 說道:

    7B Pun Wai Han There is no doubt that the reaction of the philippines\’s government is sluggish and it\’s attitude towards this tradegy seems scornful. I saw the online news of this horrible hijack in the internet and . I think that the tradegy is evitable if the philippines\’ police can cooperate well with each other. This makes all of us furious and chilly. Ihope all the victims will overcome this tradegy very soon and all od us will pray for the deceased victims.

  13. Peter 說道:

    This is a thing that we will never forget.The death of people are due to the Philippine police and government.They must take the full responsibility of this event.I hope we can know the truth of this tragedy.

  14. ng 說道:

    i totally agree with you that at this moment we should not focus on what weapons do the Philippine SWAT got or keep blaming them.what we should do is to pray for those victims in this sad incident,we should show our love,our support to them and i hope that they will recover soon from the dark cloud.7B14 Ng Wai Lok

  15. 樂怡 說道:

    I am impressed that all of Hongkongers watched the television about this accident together.It is tragic that the victims were hurt,even they dead in this horrible tragedy.It is angry that the president of Philippines was flippant to reply this issue.They escaped and cover the truth.We shouuld give our helping hands to the victims and support them.I hope that the Philippines Government will give a apology to the victims and have the improvement of local police(Xenia,Wong Lok Yi 6B 30)

  16. charmaine 說道:

    It is really a horrible memory for Hong Kong citizen. After this highjack, we can know that the poor equipment and police in Philippines. Lots of people censure their defect. However I think it is not the moment to do that. I agree with your opinion that we must focus on helping victims and their relative. Lastly, I hope they all can be strong and return to their normal lives very soon.6B 28 Tong Hoi Ting,Charmaine

  17. Unknown 說道:

    It’s true that the catastrophe happened on 23/9/2010 is something that we, as a Hong Kong citizen, will never ever forget. However bygones are bygones, we should concentrate on helping the survivals. It might be the toughest time in their lives for those who had lost their beloved ones like the Leungs’ family.

  18. Unknown 說道:

    The victims are likely to have a traumatic memory and not be able to recover for quite a long period of time.I believe what we could do is to pray for them or show our support. I’m really glad to see people are being supportive on facebook, as they’ve setup a lot of groups in memories of the victims and events to pray for them.(Apple Lau Tin Mui, 6B 13)

  19. Tsz Fung 說道:

    I know that many Hong Konger are very angry when they were watching the live news of this incident.And I heard many of them to curse the Philippine government. Of course, they did not do a suitable action immediately, but cursing the Philippine government is not a good method to help the families of the deceased.Now, i can only do one thing for them which is to pray for them…Caltor 7B

  20. Wai Ting 說道:

    When I watched the TV on that day, I felt so angry because nothing that we can do for those hostages. The stupid actions of the police in Philippine is the main reason that the hostage could not be rescued as soon as possible.Why the government could not just cheat Mendoza until all the hostages were rescued ? I have no idea that what they were doing there.I hope all of the people can be fine as soon as possible …(Natelie , Lo Wai Ting ,6B18)

  21. KENGMAN 說道:

    I felt extremely sad when I knew this tragrdy . And I felt angry about the stupid , unthoughtful behaviour which the Philippine government and the rescued team did . More important was that it showed the incapability of the Philippine government and the so-called police . In addition ,I think the number of the traveller tovisit Philippine will be undoubtedly descreasing for a short time .

  22. waisun 說道:

    I am very angry about Phillippine government. First , their police are rubbish. They do not have well equipment and command. They take the hostage life as nothing. Their actions are slow and retard. After the tragrady , their president simle on the press conference makes everyone angry. So I won\’ travel in Philippine.

  23. 5C Lee Chun Kit 說道:

    The tragedy is begging me to bring a heavy blow to Hong Kong.I hope that the victims can rest in peace and their families to rebuild their lives go on living.


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