Pedalling against pollution

Chan Chuen Cheung 6B (2)

Pedalling against pollution


This news is about a mass cycling event from South China Morning Post on 14th September. This event is organized by an environmental group called Greenpeace. The aims are to voice the public’s concerns and pressure the government to pay more attention to the air pollution problem. There are about 800 people cycling from Central to North Point and back again within two hours. It is hoped that the parade will spread a strong message about environmental awareness and climate change. It also helps Hongkongers to realize the benefits of cycling, and encourage more people to do it.’


In my opinion, air pollution is the most important thing that we need to concern. This activity can draw people’s attention regarding this problem, and I suggest you to join it. Further, this is a healthy activity for the player. However, I think that the location is too far for me to go. If it is hold in News Territories, I will join it definitely. And I hope that we can hold a big activity about cycling the streets of Hong Kong (not just in Hong Kong Island) that can make more people to concern and aware of this global problem effectively. Maybe it can break a record of Guinness World Records. Will you join with me?

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16 Responses to Pedalling against pollution

  1. pui shan 說道:

    I think it is a good activity to do. However, there are not enough roads which are made for cycling. Also these roads do not link to each other and roadblocks are set on the end of the roads. People who are cycling on the roads need to stop and walk across the roadblocks. Sometimes people must cycle on the roads which the cars use. It is dangerous action as people are easily collided the cars.

  2. Tam ka ho 說道:

    In my point of view, I think air pollution is a serious problem which endanger our health and our lives.. . Although scientists are finding ways to stop air pollution especially in big industrial areas and densely-populated cities , it is not enough. People should all contribute to make our earth clean and move on to clean our cities.. 6B (claude Tam ka ho 24)

  3. pakkan 說道:

    I am asthma patient.Air pollution always make sick. We shoud find out a sotution to keep quality of hong kong air such as we turn off the air conditionor if it is not necessary. or tring walk to school. I think that keeping the air is our respon . we should not always punish our goverment policy is usless . Let us keeping the qulity of hong kongf air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!6B Kelvin 29

  4. KH 說道:

    In my opinion, the climate change and the environmental problem are important in the world. Air pollution has urgent need to solve it. It cause us cannot maintain our health. I think the government should do something to tackle this problem.

  5. KH 說道:

    However, the citizens should do something to help the government such as cycling to replace the car or using less air conditioner. In this event, it can show that we have abilities to help the government. Shall we make the earth clean?(Chu King Hei, Andrew 6B 7)

  6. Anson 說道:

    Although many of groups held different activities in these few years , but air pollution is still a serious problem in Hong Kong.I think the main reason is the government of Hong Kong did nothing with this , the government only shout the slogan.If the government do not want to do this , it is meaningless and waste time that different groups force to the government , because he will not listen to you since you do not have enough power or money[6B 17 Leung Wai Ho]

  7. 樂怡 說道:

    We should take action immediately.As we all know,the air pollution is more and more serious in hong kong.We have a responsibilty to protect our earth.We can use the fans instead of the air conditioner.Also,we can turn off the computer when we are not in need as the computer will exhaust carbon dioxide.It makes the global warming increasing.Therefore,we make this part of our lives.[Xenia, Wong Lok Yi 6B 30]

  8. ka kit 說道:

    It is high time for us to take action to protect the environment before the whole world is ruined. As we known, Hong Kong has a very serious pollution problem which is worsening every day. If we are still indifferent this moment, it may be too late next second. Since today, let\’s put the rubbish into the recycling bins, stop using the air-conditioners and go to school on foot. Act now!6B 9 Lai Ka Kit

  9. Ho Yin Harry 說道:

    Well, cycling is of course better than taking any transports especially the private cars. Citiens can do exercise during riding the bike, and it wont emit any harmful gases or use any fuel. However, as I ride to school everyday, I think that there is NOT enough related cycling facilities for the cyclists like carparks and the tracks. It is really dangerous to ride on pedestrains\’ track! (continue..)

  10. Ho Yin Harry 說道:

    Thats why although how positive the event can bring to the public, no one will ride their bikes. Maybe it would happen unless the government has done enough for the cyclists!7B 19 Tsang Ho Yin, Harry

  11. 說道:

    yeah,recab to harry\’s response,I strongly aggreed that cyclying is a definitely healthy activities,it can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and depletion of non-renewable resources as well.But does it really do enough to arouse awareness of the effects of Greenhouse effect. To be honest, how many people in Hongkong willlikely to participate in such kind of activities so as to save time for live making,rather than doing exercise.

  12. charmaine 說道:

    Recently, the pollution problem is more serious in Hong Kong, especially air pollution. It is because Hong Kong is a affluent city, lots of people by their private car to travel around. So the problem be more serious. In fact, we can solve this problem in many way. Ride bicycle to replace use private car is a good suggestion to relies to the air pollution. And I hope will be more people join it and solve the problem together. 6B 28 Tong Hoi Ting,Charmaine

  13. jim 說道:

    What a great and meaningful event! This will definietly attack people attention as it blocks a lot of streets and roads which are extremely crowded with peoples and cars. Although the event requires some routes changing or causes a traffic jam unfortuneately, it implys the meaning of "walk but not drive" which is very important nowadays.

  14. king him 說道:

    The air pollution is a critical problem in Hong Kong, because there are some cars everyday. People will get sick of trachea easily due to the air pollution.I think that this type activity is effective to improve the air pollution, because it can encourage that people ride bicycle when they go to school or working. Also, if people can use the bicycle to substitute for there own car, the air pollution must be better than now.( King , Siu King Him 6B 21)

  15. Kong 說道:

    Air pollution is really a serious problem in Hong Kong,and I think most of the pollutant are mainly come from the exhausted gas from cars,which can be reduced by ourself.We can have a walk or ride bicycle instead of traveling by cars,also we should travel by some public transportations instead of private cars.What we do are meaningful for saving the world!(Kong,Cheung Chun Ho 6B 6)

  16. 5C Lee Chun Kit 說道:

    In my point of view, Cycling is a good means of transport on air.We can do exercise can also protect the environment. So I will join with you.


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