Diaoyu Island

Diaoyu Island

April Chan 6B (3)


I am going to express my own feelings on the Diaoyu Islands Dispute between China and Japan, or you may say the dispute among China, Japan, and Taiwan, or even US.


Recently, the possession of the Diaoyu Islands has been a hot topic among us. After Tokyo had issued an alert to its nationals, the relationship between China and Japan became more tensioned. Washington soon called for dialogue to resolve the problem in a more peaceful way.


I wonder why China and Japan could not reach a final agreement for the possession of the Islands for such years, why not these two countries step aside and make the decision by referring back to the historical records? As we all know, the Island used to belong to China. However, U.S. signed the Okinawa Reversion Treaty with Japan in 1970, and it included Diaoyu Islands as part of Okinawa.


After that, Japan has been claiming the sovereignty of the Islands. Is there any scare resources underneath the Islands which created such an dispute? Or it was the trick performed by other countries in order to suppress the long-term development of China by giving difficulties to mainland?

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15 Responses to Diaoyu Island

  1. kiki 說道:

    As we know,there are rich petroleum and natural gas underground.I think both countries care about the energy sources more than the sovereignty of theDiaoyu Islands because energy crisis is a imperious demand around the world.Few years ago,China and Japan fought for the East Sea because the developof oil under the sea but they were not force the problem of sovereignty of the East Sea.

  2. kiki 說道:

    Since there are involve in economy and energy,I think it is very difficult to solve this problem until a neutral and powerful country or organization stand up and give a fair decision to convince two countries.Catherine Lee(16)

  3. Joe 說道:

    I think it is no doubt that the Diaoyu Islands is belonged by China in every chinese. But why Japan always claims that the islands are the part of them? The answer is always between money and resources. There is a rule that protect the countries\’ benefits in which said that in every country and the sea away from the land in some km the resources under the sea is also belonged by the country and that why Japan tries to take the Diaoyu Islands as part of themJoe Lam 6B 11

  4. Joe 說道:

    I think it is a cheap idea of Japan because Japanese not only don\’t take the responsibility of the WAR 2 but also try to take our land. They are encroach on us!! I think they will have to pay for their ugly behaviors.Joe Lam 6B 11

  5. Z 說道:

    The Diaoyu Islands is a disputed territory among China, Japan and Taiwan over few decades.I think it may be solved peacefully and gently by those governmentsJapan should bear the responsibility of World War 2 and give back the Diaoyu Islands to China.However, this is political problem. It relates to many benefits of each country.I hope this problem will be solved as well as possible.6B Ren Siu

  6. 迷茫 說道:

    I think Diaoyu Island is land of china but japan occupies our country\’s land. Therefore, we should support that the chinese government gets back Diaoyu. Although it may affect relation between china and japan,chinese government still takes back Diaoyu.It is because it is concerned whether we lose our dignity .7B 2KEN CHAN

  7. KA YEE 說道:

    About The Diaoyu Islands\’ problem ,the relationship between china and Japan become more and more nervous.However,I think that Japan capture the captain of China is very gruff and rude.Moreover ,the prime minister of Japan still not willing to apologize to the captain and the chinese .If Japan continues not release the captain ,the relationshipwill be ruptured .Worst still, it may outbreaks of military conflict.

  8. Tsz Fung 說道:

    I hate to hear any news about the Diaoyu Island, I think it is very annoying.Of course, i don\’t know how valuableness of the Diaoyu Island is, and I don\’t know the actual history of the Diaoyu Island…Chinese and Japanese both said that the Island is a part of she, how can i know which is telling the turth?The only one thing i know that Japanese should not detain the Chinese fisher.Caltor 7B

  9. Wai Ting 說道:

    All of us know that Diaoyu Island belong to our country – China , but the government of Japan used their own law to detain the Chinese fisher , I think all of the Chinese are angry on this event.And I think Chinese government need to do some actions to protect our own land , such as arranging the army to Diaoyu Island and tell everyone that Diaoyu Island is belonged to us by real action.(Natelie , Lo wai Ting , 6B 18)

  10. Cheuk kit 說道:

    Diaoyu Island\’s problem is existed between China and Japan for a long long time. However, the problem become more and more serious recently. In my opinion ,Japanese government made a big mistake for arreastting the Chinese fishing ship captainfor a long time as the belonging of Diaoyu Island is not determined.Hence, everyone in any nationality go fishing there is a legal activity.(Mok Cheuk Kit,7B,12)

  11. KENGMAN 說道:

    Yes , the matter involves in multilareral dispute . It is hard to solve . the worst situation is that it strikes a cruel battle which would destroy our home and our precious lives unpreditably . I think we don\’t want it . So , how the governments of these well -armied nations react is the main factor to solve the problem .Therefore , I hope they should deal with the problem peacefully and gently

  12. waisun 說道:

    Diaoyu Island is belong to China. China should not step back. Nowadays, China has a great development on economics which Japan does not. China can easily break down Japan\’s economics since China has brought numerous national debt of Japan. Japan has no bargaining power. Diaoyu Island has a lot of nature resoures such as natural gas.So China must get back Diaoyu Island for the future development.

  13. Isabella 說道:

    It is difficult that reach final agreement among the two countries as there are so many things involved, especially the profit made by the oil under ground. Also , the international power of mainland China is becoming stronger and stronger so some countries may think that this is threat to them.6B (19)

  14. vivian 說道:

    I just poor Japan which will disappeared country.But the poor people must have hated place.Invasion of other countries is their forever love .

  15. 5C Lee Chun Kit 說道:

    I hope Japan and China can have a good communication between the two countries but not for the war’s Diaoyutai.Because it affects many people



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