The Earthquake

The Earthquake
4D   Johnny Tsang

          ‘Yushu County, Qinghai 7.1 magnitude earthquake has claimed over 700 lives, causing nearly thousand people were injured, 300 people missing…’ when I heard the news report, I felt shocked.

          In the devastating earthquake, the Qinghai people lost their homestead.  Some people lost their valuable life while some people lost their family. After the earthquake, there was a lack of supplies in the disaster zone and there’re not enough accommodations for them.  I felt sorry for the unfortunate victims.

          Disasters has no mercy, but the world fills with love.  Fund-raising activities have been initiated in many areas, raising funds for the victims. Also, there were many Hong Kong people donating money for the Qinghai people and writing some heartwarming cards to them.  Besides this, some of the volunteers have visited the victims.  No matter how difficult the relief work is, the rescuers were still racing against time to rescue victims in the rubbles.

          The earthquake was a tragedy.  Nevertheless, I believe we can overcome the disaster together.  I hope the survivors can face their future bravely and rebuild their homes soon.


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17 Responses to The Earthquake

  1. Unknown 說道:

    I feel very sad . Many people died , but some people alive , so let us help them .

  2. 說道:

    I will be voulnteer to help the victims!!!!but I have many english homework. So I\’m sorry to say that I cant\’t help you.I will finish my english homework and go to help you!!!! wait for me

  3. Yip 說道:

    You are right!Although we didn\’t experience the devastating earthquake like this, we should also help them because we are compatriot.We can donate some money or some old clothes for them because there was a lack of supplies in the disaster zone and there\’re not enough accommodations for them.Besides, as you say, we also can write some heartwarming cards to encourage them not to give up their lives and support them to rebuild their homes.

  4. sw 說道:

    4b Cindy Lai I would like to go to the tragedy zone because I want to help them .

  5. Unknown 說道:

    I agree with your feelings. I think in the earthquake many people lost their family, I feel very upset and I should raise money to help them.

  6. Siu Man 說道:

    I agree with you.I feel sad to hear this earthquake.There was not any disaster in Hong Kong.It is very lucky

  7. roy 說道:

    鈐木重秀_朝偉Earthquake is not good!I hope there is not a earthquake in China again

  8. kit 說道:

    I agree with you , because earthquake is not disaster in Hong Kong

  9. hoi lun 說道:

    The victims should very upset .Becasue they lost their valuable life and lost their money.I hope we can help the victims.And help them to regard their home.

  10. yk 說道:

    I heard this news also feel very sad.In addition, to donations given to them, I do not know what can be done.

  11. 說道:

    This earthquake make some people the home broke and homeless. Each China have some difficult,chinese people also will together. So China is not Sick man of Asia. Chester who is clever.

  12. wen 說道:

    I also think the earthquake was a tragedy.I feel very happiness as I can live in HK where is no disaster .4Acheung ching man33

  13. Scott 說道:

    I feel upset for the earthquake people.It is because they lost everything in a short while.I am going to there to help them if i am 18 year old.Maybe this can not make them get a best help but also can make me feel useful in the earthquake.I also can not go to there to give some help but I was donate money for them.I hope they can fine in are few day.Scott Wong 4A

  14. TAIWAI 說道:

    I feel shock too . However,victim never give up their life because they get us support. It is diffcult for Chinese government to deal a food with goods and materials problem . I hope Yushu victim can get food and help. However,It is necessary for Yushu victim need a good psychiatrist.

  15. wongwong 說道:

    I agree with you., I believe we can overcome the disaster together. I think the school can hold charity events. Teacher and sutdent can be join it . The Qinghai people lost their homestead. I felt sad. I will cherish my friends and family. I hope them can forget the sad things. 4a carmen

  16. • ♥ К å R ё л°° 說道:

    I can understand your feeling.When i watched the news report , i felt very upset. I think HK can hold some fund-raising activites to help the victims .We have many experienced volunteers ,i think they can help victims.Then, we can donate our old clothers for them. I holp the earthquake is not disaster in Hong Kong.4c karen

  17. mei yee 說道:

    4BQ May WongThe earthquake let me feel so sad. I agree with your sentence \’\’Disasters has no mercy , but the world fills with love\’\’.please think about our life. We are very happiness. Now , We can watch TV , we can play computer , we can do many thing , but they can\’t!Victims , they need us to help them. We need to raise money to help them.


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