The Earthquake

The Earthquake

4D   Johnny Tsang

          I am so sad to hear this devastating earthquake.  In the disaster zone, there were many remains.  It was too hard to rescue the people.  Also, the poor infrastructure made it even harder to carry out the relief efforts.

          I think people there feel desperate.  Although this disaster happened on week ago, we can help more survivors.  I was worried about the children who lost their mother and father, because they would be sent to the orphanage.  They were too pitiful.  Also, some survivors are pitiful too, because some of them suffered from multiple fractures.

          I hope that the victims can go back to their homes soon and more survivors will be found.  Also, I wish the county to be recovered soon.

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10 Responses to The Earthquake

  1. 非乂 說道:

    I am so sad too,if I were very rich, I would donate a lot of money to the relief

  2. Owen 說道:

    Well,in my opinion,i think the children lost their parents is poor…they are still young,cannot be grow up healthy without a full family….i hope we can do as we can to help the victims and childrens.For example:Donate money or clothes to them …also if we have spare time,why don\’t we go to Chinghoi to give a hand.

  3. Andy 說道:

    I\’m so sad to hear about earthquake too, I know what you feel and when I wacth the news about earthquake, I very want to help them, hole you so. By Andy

  4. 川豪 說道:

    I care the children in Qinghai as they were very poor. Some children\’s mother and father lost, who will take care them in future. I hope some rich men can help them.

  5. Wai Fung 說道:

    I feather in the volunteers cap . If I have a chance to become a volunteer , I must be enthusiastic to try my best to save them .

  6. tik man 說道:

    i agree with you .i think i can help the victims of a natural disaster

  7. kA YaN.... 說道:

    I think the earthquake survivors are very tragic. Many children bacame orphans. If I were they , I would very upsad about lost mother and father.

  8. HO YI 說道:

    I think the children who lost their mother or father if they can find their family they will be happy.

  9. Yiu 說道:

    I\’am so sad to hear that , too! If HK have earthquake, I think I will want to die.

  10. 黑少 說道:

    feel so sad becaues this earthquake affect many people.Forexemple childent lost their parents and their school .And i agree with you I also worry about that they will be sent to the orphanage because the little children without their parents are very poor.I donate one hundred dollare to heip them.Although,this money are not enough with them but I hope can help people. 4B18 wilson lam


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