Devastating Earthquake

Devastating Earthquake

4C  Jade Yip

A devastating earthquake took place in Qinghai Province on Wed, 14 April, 2010 and it claimed thousands of lives.

            In Yushu County, it is believed that there’re still people inside some of those shattered buildings.  Also, most of the families were unable to get some supplies because there was far from sufficient.  It was a massive tragedy of China as it resulted in a devastating consequence that many people still remained homeless.

            Moreover, I think Wong Fuk-wing who was a HK volunteer and perished in the Qinghai earthquake while he was returning to rescue the trapped orphans and teachers is ‘Hero of Hong Kong’ because he contributed his own life to rescue people instead of claiming for reciprocation.  It’s brave of him not to fear of death.

            Therefore, I think we should also devote our immediate helps to the victims who are still staying at the disaster zone, and also encourage them not to be desperate because if only they never say die, there will be a miracle and they will create a new life.


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8 Responses to Devastating Earthquake

  1. Oscar 說道:

    When I watched that news, I felt sad.2 years ago, China have happed a decastating earthquake, the feel same with this insident.I hope they will create a new life and nerver give up, Life !

  2. Vergil 頌 說道:

    o~~It is very poor in there. Many citizens die in that earthquake. Wong Fuk-wing is a great man. I feel proundfor him to being Hong Kong.

  3. Unknown 說道:

    Wong Fuk-wing is a brave man. I feel very sad of his dead. And I agree with you . We should help the people on the Qinghai Province . They need our help .

  4. 樂兒 說道:

    I think the volunteer is brave and great and the some disaster have homeless.I hope they can feel better.

  5. cho yan 說道:

    I agree with you .If we not give up ,we should give a better life. BY 4a yan

  6. 卓豪 說道:

    I think that the earthquake is fearful.Like yuor article in Yushu County have over 10,000 people was affected.they lose them home , proyerty and sarcifice they life. I very sorry to hear that the devastating earthquake was happen in china so I was donating money for victims. I know that only me donating money can\’t help them but all over the world will take care with victims.

  7. Shan Shan 說道:

    Yim Wing Shan:I am very upset to hear about the earthquake .we must present some of appliance like food , medicine.and clothes.Moreover,we must hold a wide range of fund-raising activities for victims.If people didn\’t have money ,they would donate clothes and food because it is very cold at night.Also,there was not enough thickness of clothes and nutritious of food.I expect to raies money for victims.

  8. hong sin 說道:

    This devastating earthquake is very unbelieveable, it claimed thousands of lives. I feel very sorry about this Earthquake.I think Wong Fuk-wing is a brave man,he sarcifice his life to help the students and teachers, I think he is the great ,he is our proundfor in hong kong,I hope his family don\’t unhappy and we feel he is the best .we should proundfor him in hong kong !!


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