Amazing PC Game

Amazing PC Game

2A Dicky

Last Sunday, Billy was bored so he bought a PC game in the shop. The game’s name is ‘Zelma’s Quest’ and the game is very exciting.

Then, he started the game and played it. When Billy was playing the game, Zelma jumped out of the game. Billy was extremely scared. Zelma grabbed Billy’s gaming console, MP3 player and notebook computer so Billy wanted to switch off the computer.

Suddenly, when Zelma came back to the game, the monster felt puzzled. After that, the monster fought with Zelma again. Lastly, the superwomen Zelma lost because the monster was too powerful, when Billy wanted to go away, Monster said, ‘If you don’t fight with me, your gaming console, MP3 player and notebook computer will lose!’ Billy said, ‘Oh my god! Is it a joke?’ The monster was angry so he jumped out of the game to kill Billy, then Billy died.

Suddenly, Billy woke up. He knew it was only an amazing dream.


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15 Responses to Amazing PC Game

  1. 說道:

    you are very funny;you idea is very good\’!I very like it-v-;

  2. kwan ting 說道:

    You are very good and your article is the best!!

  3. 說道:

    you are welldonethis is very goodI hope I can paly your pc game

  4. 說道:

    I feel you will write a lot of good essay.The essay is very interesting and amazing.Your idea is very well.

  5. ying 說道:

    I think this is very good for essay.well down…0.02A kaying:D

  6. 望星 說道:

    It`s very funny , exciting and amazing .This is a good job.You need work harder.I love it very much.

  7. 說道:

    Dicky,Dicky,Dicky!you are cute.i also love are clever.i also love you.But the story are boring,i don\’t like it. +oil-_-\’

  8. 嘉浩 說道:

    your article are extremly good you are very good

  9. pk 說道:

    I think this story NOT too good,not too bad

  10. Unknown 說道:

    you are very goodyou idea is very good

  11. 偉&哥 說道:

    this is best idea!

  12. 說道:

    Your Idea is very good,I think you can writing more story give we see.

  13. 說道:

    I like this idea.The bad monster win,the goddess lose.It is interesting.

  14. K威 說道:

    this composition is a bit short that I think so.

  15. ky 說道:

    i think the main character is look like you but i don\’t like your ideai think the goddess is the winner


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