Amazing PC Game

Amazing PC Game

2A Emily

In the holiday, the boy, Billy was listening to the MP3 player and playing the PC game at home. The name of the game is Zelma’s Quest. It was extremely exciting.

In the game, the goddess Zelma needed to kill the bad monster. But her energy was limited. Suddenly the goddess Zelma jumped out from the computer.

And then, she grabbed Billy’s gaming console, multimedia player as well as high-tech gadgets. Billy wanted to switch off the computer but the computer was out of control, it couldn’t be switched off.

Goddess Zelma took the high-tech gadgets and then jumped back into the computer. The monster felt puzzled and Billy felt afraid.

The goddess felt curious because high-tech gadgets were in advance. The goddess Zelma shared the MP3 player with the bad monster. Then, Zelma played the notebook computer. Also, she used the digital camera to take a photo.

Finally, they became friends.

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21 Responses to Amazing PC Game

  1. Owen 說道:

    Well,i think ur writing skills is good.You can created ur own story.

  2. Yuk Shui 說道:

    Your writting skill are very good and the idea is funny.Keep it going =)\’

  3. Unknown 說道:

    You are are very are well done.

  4. 說道:

    Funny Funny Funny Funny!the bad monster-__-\’haha…

  5. Fung 說道:

    This Article is you writed?If you writed,w0w,Yor is great!

  6. 正正 說道:

    oh~ this is very amazing The goddess was very friendly

  7. 望星 說道:

    It`s very funny , exciting and amazing .This is a good job.You need work harder.

  8. pk 說道:

    you are clever,good idea.this story are very funny.

  9. Daniel 說道:

    your writing is pertty funny as the end of the story,zelma and the monster became friends

  10. 嘉浩 說道:

    your article are extremly good you are very good

  11. 耀南 說道:

    Good!!!!!Your Article better than me!!!!Oh no!!

  12. 偉&哥 說道:

    you are very good!

  13. 說道:

    The story is very funny!The monster and the goddess become friend?!It is a great idea.

  14. 浩天 說道:

    you are well than i should hand-work very much.

  15. Unknown 說道:

    your story very good i think your story very fun

  16. kwan ting 說道:

    your article is very funny and amazing !!

  17. K威 說道:

    the finally is good.The words use exactly.But the plot quite boring.

  18. 洛熙 說道:

    You are really cool .Keep going .I support you forever.

  19. ky 說道:

    your story is the best. I support you forever

  20. sau nam 說道:

    This story is funny and entertaning .Then , i think the story very long .Last , it very good .

  21. hoi ying 說道:

    The story is funny.I like It.


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