Amazing PC Game

Amazing PC Game

2A Alan

One day, Billy had nothing to do so he switched on the desktop computer and wanted to try a new game that is called ‘Zelma’s Quest’.

While he was playing the game normally, Goddess of the game, Zelma suddenly knew Billy was outside the monitor. At the same time, Zelma’s power was weaker than the monster. She didn’t want to die so she jumped out of the monitor and grabbed Billy’s high-tech gadgets and devices.

All of the high-tech gadgets like digital camera, MP3 player, notebook computer and digital camcorder were taken into the monitor by Zelma. Billy didn’t know what happen so he was frightened and confused. He had tried to switch off the computer but it didn’t work.

Afterwards, Zelma had nobody to control her because she had taken away the gaming console, so she was also free like a new life. At last, she did not only kill the monster by herself, she also made friends with Billy. After his fright was over, Billy was very happy forever.


本篇發表於 S2。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

18 Responses to Amazing PC Game

  1. 望星 說道:

    It`s very funny , exciting and amazing .This is a good job.You need work harder.

  2. 說道:

    Alan,you are clever;you story is very funny;I support you a0a;

  3. 說道:

    The story is very wellI like your storywork harder !

  4. 說道:

    Oh!Funny!Exciting!Interesting!I also love that!

  5. Yuk Shui 說道:

    Alan , you are very good at english and your story are very funny too.In fact if it game is exist it will be a very poplur game.`

  6. pk 說道:

    your story are funny,I make sure that will popular in the world

  7. 嘉浩 說道:

    your article are extremly good you are very good

  8. 耀南 說道:

    Alan…….why you can write the good story?so good!!

  9. 說道:

    I think your writing is very well.This story is funny,i hope can see your more story from you

  10. Unknown 說道:

    your story are funnyyou make me happy

  11. 偉&哥 說道:

    the story is very good!

  12. lee 說道:

    This the best of all article

  13. 浩天 說道:

    Look,the story is very funny and amzing.I should learn with you.

  14. Daniel 說道:

    ha,you wrote a good story again,keep going^^

  15. 說道:

    I don\’t know how to say my comment.This story is good.I support you!

  16. K威 說道:

    this is my composition which is the best in my class.^^my best friends,thanks your supporting.

  17. hoi ying 說道:

    haha, I don\’t think so.

  18. ky 說道:

    Are you surper man????? you are so brillant.


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