Amazing PC Game

Amazing PC Game

2A Lam Yuk Shui

One day, Billy bought a PC game call Zelma’s Quest, the game is about a Goddess called Zelma and a monster.

The next morning, he turned on his computer and plays the game happily. At that time, the TV was playing the News. In his home, there are many electronics, for example, PDA, notebook computer, TV, Desktop computer, mobile phone and, more and more electronic devices. When he played game, the Goddess saw him. Since he played the game attentively, he didn’t discover.

After this time, the Goddess saw him. Suddenly, Goddess Zelma jumped out of the computer and pushed Billy and stole his PDA, notebook computer, MP3 player and digital camera. At that time, Billy wanted to switch off the computer, but he was so scared that he couldn’t turn off the computer.

After the Goddess Zelma stole Billy’s electronics, she jumped back into the computer. The monster felt puzzled and Billy felt very scared.

At last, Billy knew the game is a out-glass 3D game and the Goddess Zelma stole Billy electronics is an optical illusion.

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24 Responses to Amazing PC Game

  1. 正正 說道:

    your article are extremly good

  2. 說道:

    You are are very are well done.

  3. Unknown 說道:

    very good i like your Amazing PC Game ideear 2a 23

  4. ying 說道:

    I think this is very funny and good…0.02A kaying:D

  5. 說道:

    your gammer are very well.!That\’s goooood

  6. pk 說道:

    you are very clever,good idea

  7. 說道:

    It is very fun!The grammer is good.This idea i never think about it.

  8. 耀南 說道:

    yuk shui,your article is great article,good job man!

  9. 望星 說道:

    It`s very funny , exciting and amazing .This is a good job.You need work harder.

  10. 肥邱 說道:

    this is a good job.your english is well.the story is amazing!never give up!

  11. K威 說道:

    \’\’he turned on his computer\’\’,this sentence makes sense right.But the \’\’turned on\’\’ doesn\’t better in this sentense.It use \’\’switched on\’\’ would be better.

  12. 洛熙 說道:

    I think your writing is very good .If you can write again ,you are really smart .

  13. 嘉浩 說道:

    your article are extremly good you are very good

  14. Fung 說道:

    w0w,The goddess Zelma jump out of his computer and push billy and stole his PDA.This impress me very Strong A_A

  15. lee 說道:

    This is a good article. This is very very WELL

  16. 浩天 說道:

    It is very exciting,so i think you is very is hand-work very much.

  17. 說道:

    The story is very wellwell done… harder !

  18. tung 說道:

    yuk shui this story is very funnythis game is 3D so interestingyou idea is great.

  19. ky 說道:

    i think this writing is so amazing and Lam Yuk Shui is so clever.

  20. Unknown 說道:

    your story very good i think your story exiting and fun

  21. 偉&哥 說道:

    you aer the best!

  22. lee 說道:

    ————————————This is a exciting. This is the best.

  23. hoi ying 說道:

    I think your story is exciting.well done! Good boy

  24. 耀南 說道:

    If you want to write a new article better than this article,you must to reduce play the computer games!!


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