Amazing PC game

Amazing PC game
2A Don

One day morning, Billy was bored, so he played the computer game. The name of the game is ‘Zelma’s Quest’.

In the game, the monster and Zelma Goddess were fighting. Zelma took a shield and sword to fight monster, the monster took a powerful stick to fight with Zelma. But Zelma didn’t have energy.

Suddenly, Zelma jumped out of the computer, she grabbed Billy’s gaming console, notebook computer and multimedia. Billy said, ‘Why did you grab my electronic gadget?’ Billy wanted to switch off the computer but Zelma prevented him to do so.

Then, Zelma jumped back into the computer. The monster felt very puzzled and queered. After that, Zelma fought with the monster and she won the monster eventually, the monster died.

Finally, Billy was waken up by his mother, this is only a dream, Billy was very afraid and Billy didn’t play this game anymore because this game is very horrible.

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15 Responses to Amazing PC game

  1. kwan ting 說道:

    You are very good

  2. lee 說道:

    This is very good . I very love it

  3. 肥邱 說道:

    Good job!well done!it is a great story

  4. 望星 說道:

    It`s very funny , exciting and amazing .This is a good job.You need work harder.

  5. 嘉浩 說道:

    your article are extremly good you are very good

  6. sau nam 說道:

    I think this story is very good and exciting .And than Billy should go to study .The story effect me .

  7. 說道:

    The story okay la.+oil ar!i am tried ar.i don\’t want to talk anymore .byebye la!+oil ar!

  8. 耀南 說道:

    This……….not is the best article,but this………………. is are good article!

  9. pk 說道:

    not too good,not too bad, the ending is too funny

  10. Unknown 說道:

    Good jobI like The story so good

  11. lee 說道:


  12. 浩天 說道:

    this is best article,but i think you can writing better than are good job .

  13. hoi ying 說道:

    i think the story is bored.

  14. 說道:

    It just a dream.Although it is not attractive but the idea is good.SUPPORT!!

  15. 偉&哥 說道:

    not bad!not bad!


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