A Tragedy

A Tragedy

4D Christy Lau

        I think it was poor that some of them lost their family in the devastating earthquake.  There were not enough relief supplies.  As a result, we must try our best to help the victims.

        One of the volunteers who was Wong Fuk Wing sacrificed his life to save th children in the orphanage.  He was very brave.  Also, he always helped the people in need and he donated money to the charity.  Although the donation was limited, he was not selfish.  I am very proud of him.  I think everyone should learn from him.

        Moreover, I think it’s lucky for us to live in HK as there is no natural disasters and we don’t have to worry about when the next earthquake will take place.  As a result, we must treasure all the things we have, especially our friends and family who are very important.

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7 Responses to A Tragedy

  1. Tze Kit 說道:

    I think we can donate some food and drink for them because they have not food and drink to save their lifes. They were so poor and unhappy.

  2. Vergil 頌 說道:

    yes, lost tte family is very poor. I will feel unacceptable if i lost the family~We should help them as fast as we can.It is because they need many money to rebuild.

  3. emily 說道:

    I feel the government should learn this lesson, they should step up infrastructure\’s stability that will not broken up again. Next, we can donate more reief supplies to help them.Emily Tang4B(P)27

  4. Ricky 說道:

    It was so sad that Wong Fuk Wing sacrificed his life to save the children .However , his heroic deed that we all knew . We need to donate something to them

  5. Yip 說道:

    I agree with you.He was hero of us and Hong Kong because he was brave to reture to the orphan and save people\’s lives.Therefore, although we aren\’t expected to rescue people when the disasters took place,we are expected to have compassion and help the victims at full steam.

  6. Shuk 說道:

    I agree with you, I think we need to help the victim , for example we can donate money.

  7. 小欣Xddddd 說道:

    we are lucky to live in hong kong but their with our a brother or sister by blood so wre can help them .for example, to raise money daisy lau@4b20



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