A Massive Earthquake

A Massive Earthquake

4A  Ryan Fong

        Do you still remember 12th May, 2008?  The disaster happened in 2008.  Everyone was very uncomfortable.  However, the same thing happened again in 2010.

        Qinghai where a massive earthquake took place on 14th April is a county in China.  A lot of people died in the earthquake.  If  I lived in Qinghai, I would be unhappy and want to cry.

        We live in HK which is a safe city in the world.  We are lucky because there aren’t any disasters or wars in HK.  We must protect and treasure our life as it is very precious.

        Now, I want to say something to people in Qinghai.  That is, ‘Don’t give up and believe in yourselves.  When there’s a will, there’s a way.’


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6 Responses to A Massive Earthquake

  1. 說道:

    In 12th May, 2008,this is a very sad day with chinese people. It is upset for chinses people to recollect this earthquake.However,this earthquake is difficult to save people.Rescue personnel may suffer from altitude illness.Chester come from 4c

  2. Ho Tin 說道:

    Earthquake is the dangerous thing in the earth ,so we should face it Bravely

  3. Yiu 說道:

    I agree with you, Chinese people are so unfortunate. Before this earthquake ,There were a massive earthquake in China in 1976 and 2008.

  4. Christy 說道:

    It is lucky for us to live in Hong Kong. Also ,we will support the people who is living in Qinghai forever. Although there were a lot of disaster happened , if we help each another ,we can solve the problem.

  5. emily 說道:

    You are right! In these few years, there were many natural disasters. However, we can\’t control!!!Emily Tang 4B(P) 27

  6. Kyna 說道:

    4BMichelleYes, i still remember 12th May 2008. this accident made many people die , if i lived in Qinghai , i would be unhappy too. i agree with your idea because we must protect and treasure our life as it is very precious.i hope they can gain happiness than have a nice everyday.hard-work!



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