A heartstricken Earthquake

A heartstricken Earthquake

4C  Roy Yiu

        After the earthquake, victims became homeless and poor.  They lost their homes and family members.  I feel very upset about that.  In my opinion, I think we should donate money an clothes to the charity for the victims.  We can see their poverty in the news.  They keep crying.  I hope they will recover soon.

        My parents and I planned to give a hand to them.  That is, we will buy the items they need.  I will ask my classmates to donate money to them.  Our school is going to hold a Charity Sales for the victims, for example, selling second hand books and plants.  The proceeds will be donated to the charity.  I think it is a good way to help them.

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8 Responses to A heartstricken Earthquake

  1. lamchi 說道:

    you are a kind boy, everyone wants to help them, lets try our best to help them

  2. HO YI 說道:

    I think if we have money we should help the vivtims .

  3. hoi lun 說道:

    this writing make me feel very upset,have a lot of advice,in my opinion,i think he can add more idea.I agree with you,because after the earthquake, victims became homeless and poor.We should donate money to help the victims.

  4. Unknown 說道:

    The people who homeless and poor , so they need our help . I agree with you Roy , let us donate money to them , I think this will be helpful.

  5. Andy 說道:

    I agree whit you, becauce when the earthquake happen, A lot of build was distoried, The most importand thing is help them to keep healty. By Andy

  6. Oscar 說道:

    I agree with you. Our school will rasie money for them soon.I will donate money to them, It is very meaningful ! Do you?

  7. roy 說道:

    朝偉哥Yes!We should help them.They are very poor and get homeless.We should donate our money and we can donate our clother.I must give a hand to them. a_a

  8. kA YaN.... 說道:

    Ya, I think so.I would donate my pocket money to help the victims.I wish to help they.



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