A Disaster

A Disaster

4B   Emily Tang

                There have been many natural disasters recently.  For example, there were earthquake, drought and so on.  They were very threatening because we could not control them.

          Since Qinghai’s devastating earthquake took place before daybreak, the people could not escape from the shattered homes.  I cried when I watched the news about Qinghai. I saw many victims remain homeless and sleep on the streets.  Moreover, there were many people crying because their family have been buried in the rubbles. I couldn’t help crying again for them. I knew that they needed our help.  However, I can’t think of any ways to help them. It makes me feel ashamed, especially when I saw the children who lost their classmates and family.  I am scared I will lose my important things suddenly.

          Fortunately, there are many people who want to help the people who are in the disaster area now. We can feel what ‘ love in the world’ is.

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4 Responses to A Disaster

  1. Christy 說道:

    I agree with you. I think they were very poor. Also, we can donate some money to help them. We are Chinese so, we must help them right?

  2. 夜夜 說道:

    I think the people in Qinghai are pitiful. We can donate money to them. We live in Hong Kong are very lucky, so we should help them to rebuild.by 4B Yuen Chun Ho

  3. 說道:

    i agree with you.I felt very upsad about it , because many victims remain homeless and sleep on the streets. I think we should donate money and clothes to them.

  4. Ricky 說道:

    Ya, there were many natural disasters recently .Qing hai\’s devastating earthquake , we were so sad to hear that



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