1A Leung Kong Kwan Ben

We are going hiking!

Next weekend we have a hiking trip, if you feel interested, you can go to Geography Club to sign up, the hike won’t be hard and welcome everybody to join it.

We will go to Ng Tung Chai Waterfall, we’re going to meet at 9 a.m. at the Tai Po KCR station. From there, we will catch a minibus to Ng Tung Chai.

There is an amazing waterfall is very beautiful. There are other views. Cool woods and grasslands. Tai Mo Shan has some steep steps with bumpy. It is very comfortable in the cool woods.

And we will also swimming in the ponds. It is very relaxing.

In the afternoon, we will have lunch at the peak of Tai Mo Shan. Next, we will go to the trail of Ng Tung Chai Waterfall top and we will go to take a minibus to return to Tai Po Market, arriving at 1 p.m.

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11 Responses to Hiking

  1. css'' 說道:

    I like hiking, can train up our body There is an amazing waterfall is very beautiful.

  2. Unknown 說道:

    That\’s awesome

  3. x怡 說道:

    hiking is good for your body .hiking is interested?you weekend is very good.leung siu yi 2B

  4. 翼.天使 說道:

    I want to have many people to like the good mountain! The scenery describes very much beautifully, has the opportunity words, I will try!2b16

  5. Tszying 說道:

    I like your plan and i want to join nowCan i join?That will be great,i think… 1a18 Leung tszying

  6. 雅盛 說道:

    oh cool man, you so good but you hiking is very boring but i like so i like.Next time i can go hiking together with you.

  7. 文光仔 說道:

    oh me CAR i am is very like hikeing TOO.OH OH overy like

  8. tom 說道:

    I fell this trip interested too.Can I join TheGeography Club ?1A 11

  9. chipan 說道:

    I want to go Ng Tung Chai Waterfall!1Achanchipan

  10. Henry Tsang. 說道:

    Good I like Grography Club!Yeah yeah mamameare

  11. Queenie 說道:

    oh!this is good !i like this !.yo man



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