1A Moon Pang

Join the Geography club and go hiking.

Let’s have an outing!

Let’s join the Geography club’s hiking on 2nd November. We’re going to get close to nature on this great hike in the Tai Mo Shan. The hike will last for 4 hours, and the difficulty is 4 out of 10.

We’re going to meet at nine o’ clock a.m. at Tai Po Market KCR Station.

The trail below Tai Mo Shan is bumpy with some steep steps, but you’ll enjoy the cool woods and grassland and pass a lovely stream. There are also shaded ponds for swimming.

At the top of the trail is the Ng Tung Chai Waterfall. You’ll feel tiny beside it!

With the trees all around and the sounds of birds and water, you’ll feel very relaxed.

We’ll have lunch there for 1 hour, then you can go swimming for one hour.

From there we’ll take the KCR back to Tai Po Market Station.

Remember to bring a hat, a bottle of insect repellent, a backpack and wear hiking boots, and bring a packed lunch and water bottle.

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6 Responses to Hiking

  1. 鯨魚 說道:

    I Like Hiking ,Because Is Healthy..So I often Sunday Hiking..‵2b29 胡瓊月

  2. ching♥ 說道:

    Hiking is very healthy sport,a backpack and wear hiking boot is security,you get you do is good

  3. W a I。 說道:

    Tai Mo Shan is very beautiful.i want to go there.i will go to have BBQ

  4. x怡 說道:

    you is very good~i thing swimming is very good. hiking is very too leung siu yi2B

  5. 銘健 說道:

    the hiking is good but i before of the hiking is good for you this hiking2B22 sokakit

  6. 翼.天使 說道:

    Can probably be very amusing ~2b16



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