Close to Nature!

Close to Nature!
1A Annie Tse

Join the Geography Club for a great hike on Saturday 20th March. We’re going to get close to nature on this amazing hike in the Ng Tung Chai Waterfall. The hike won’t be hard and new hikers are welcome.

We’re going to meet at 8 a.m. at Tai Po Market. From there, we’ll catch a minibus to Ng Tung Chai.

This is a beautiful hike with amazing waterfalls. The trail below Tai Mo Shan is bumpy with some steep steps, but you’ll enjoy the woods and grass lands and pass a lovely stream. There are also shaded ponds for swimming.

After that, we’ll have lunch at noon near the ponds.

And after lunch we’ll go to the top of the trail, which is the huge Ng Tung Chai Waterfall. You’ll feel tiny beside it! With trees all around and the sounds of birds and water, you’ll feel very relaxed.

Remember to bring a packed lunch, a water bottle and a camera. We will take photos under the beautiful view. To join this, you can sign up during our club meeting after school on Monday.

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11 Responses to Close to Nature!

  1. Unknown 說道:

    The geography club is great! You can learn so much about mountain. And you also gotta trip!

  2. Qo水瓜oQoQ 說道:

    I am Lo Ka Ki.Your article is very good. Did you enjoy the hike?i wanted to go hike.i want is keep fit

  3. sheepbook 說道:

    This is a good hike. I want to join it and have a good time.1A leung kong kwan

  4. a 說道:

    i am jeffreythe article is the besti like to hiking with my friends……………..Tai Mo Shan is a good hill i love it88 ………….=.=

  5. Henry Tsang. 說道:

    I think article is great.I like hiking!YOyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoWhat\’s up manXD

  6. a 說道:

    i am jeffreythe article is the besti like hiking with my friends……………..Tai Mo Shan is a good hill i love it88 ………….=.=

  7. Queenie 說道:

    can i go to this with you?????i think it is very good ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ha ~1a24

  8. 說道:

    Do you feel happy : ) ?? la o3

  9. Bibiii 說道:

    re queenie:hahai hope i can go with u=]i think is wonderful!

  10. 蔥明仔 說道: view is beatiful ..iwant to go hereDchung

  11. wing man 說道:

    i like your introduction of waterfalls,beacuse it is so amazing and we can swimm.hope you can many places.ip wing man 1a (10)


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