A memorable hike

A memorable hike
1A Chou Chak Yin

Join the Geography Club for a great hike on Saturday 17th March. We’re going to get close to nature on this fantastic hike in Ng Tung Chai.

We’re going to meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Tai Po MTR station. From there, we’ll catch a minibus to the beautiful Ng Tung Chai.

The trail below Tai Mo Shan is bumpy with some steep steps, but you’ll enjoy swimming in the shaded ponds. With trees all around and the sounds of birds and water, you’ll feel very relaxed.

The hike is very good. If you want to join this hike, you can sigh up during club meeting at lunchtime.

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27 Responses to A memorable hike

  1. ck leung 說道:

    OH good~you have a good day,I think to will go Ng Tung ChaiChan Kwok Leung2B(02)

  2. hotdogbitchxd 說道:

    So good.I like hike too.it is good for yourself

  3. W a I。 說道:

    You this event very interesting. Is worth learning students

  4. 郭文龍 說道:

    i like hiking too .i want to go hiking in Ng Tung Chai.i want to listen to sound of birds and water

  5. 康. 說道:

    I feel your holiday is very happy. This hiking is special,because you seew many people swimmimg in the shaded ponds. I want to hiking too.! 郭子康 2B (10)

  6. 倫顯 說道:

    oh! I feel very goodyou are a happy day,I see is very good article…..chan lun hin

  7. x怡 說道:

    i am2b leung siu yi and i thing swimming is very good.The hike is very good too.the lunch is delicious?

  8. 銘健 說道:

    So good Ng Tung Chai is goood go for this place good2B22 so ka kit

  9. 人一個 說道:

    I feel you hike is very goodbut I no have time to go to hikeI hope I have time to go there to hike2B Leung Ching Ting(13)

  10. tw 說道:

    yes,hike is very good,hike can practice health body2b20ntw

  11. 家。富☆♀ 說道:

    Very Good!! I like hike too.I think it is good day.

  12. ●『糖』 說道:

    hey , my name is michael chan , form 2B , congratulation for you have a good day and nice day !!!!I want to hiking in Ng Tung Chai after the UT ~! bye bye2b04 Chan Ngai Tong (Michael)

  13. miKe│逸__ 說道:

    oh~good~going to hike is good for your health, you are very enjoy and i think good soMa Tsz Yat2B(19)

  14. milk 說道:

    You had a very full day, you can travel in this beautiful place,If I want to go.yau wing chung2b(30)

  15. kwunho 說道:

    see your writing , i want to go Ng Tung Chai swimming i hope attempt your experience

  16. 檸囝■ 說道:

    yes! I feel the same, unfortunately I do not have free time hiking. but I am also very happy2B(32)YLT

  17. 說道:

    good  so good ! go hiking is good i am 2b28 jimmy -_-"

  18. Shuk'' Yin 說道:

    I like hiking too!!I think you this activity is very fun,and you have are happy day!

  19. 說道:

    I think swimming is make you very good and you feel very relaxed!2b15 leung wai in

  20. 翼.天使 說道:

    There may swim? If possible, I also want to go!2b16

  21. 34 說道:

    I am 2B01 Chak Sin Yee.I very happy to see your article,and I feel swimming is a very good after school to activity.After that,I feel so very happy to see your article.*(I like hiking too!) ^.^ 0o0 =~=

  22. 大愛 說道:

    The hike is very good.But I don\’t like hikingBecause I\’m not interested in hiking.I like singing more .2B Lau wing sam 12

  23. 血月 說道:

    my name is Annie NGAI . I am 2B21. I feel your hiking trip is beautiful .

  24. 浩の翼* 說道:

    I see, I would like to Castle Peak can not match the Tai Mo Shan. Ng Tung Chai is an interesting place to do? 2b 31

  25. tom 說道:

    I want to go on the hike together and go swimming with you, ok?1A 11I want to go on the NG TUNG CHAI because the trail is very beautiful.

  26. 蔥明仔 說道:

    here is very good and the view is beautiful i want to go heremy name is Dchung

  27. meiting 說道:

    pang mei ting : i think this Geography Club is good . IT is because ten years ago, my family took me to Ng Tung Chai .but it was raining and when i backing home i saw a little dog, it is homeless dog , it cut ,so i take it back home . good …have a nice day!i hope i can go Ng Tung Chai with you ….see you



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