The harm of drug abuse

The harm of drug abuse
6A Kathy Mak

After a man suspected of driving under the influence of illegal drugs was arrested after his car crashed into a police car following two kilometres chase that left two officers injured in Kwai Chung early yesterday , more and more people worry more about the drug abuse problem of youngsters . Sadly , this case may well be a tip of the iceberg . The problem of drug abuse among youngsters is becoming increasingly serious . 
People living in Honk Kong are under great pressure . They would need to face problems . All these create uneasiness . For those who cannot find a positive way to release their pressure , they will be really desperate . With their hearts filled with apprehension , frustration and grievance , they may finally succumb to the temptation of drugs , hoping that drugs can lead them to a fantasy world .
Unfortunately , drugs only lead them to death . They will soon get addicted to drugs . And by them , they will be out of controll . it is known to everyone that drugs bring irremediable harm to our health . And if you take drugs continuously , you will finally suffer from a series of fatal diseases and eventually die . Although they would not die . When they take drugs before driving , it is very dangerous since that may make the people to be injured as same as the case of the newspaper .
Indeed , drugs are very expensive , teenage addicts who have little pocket money may decide to commit crimes in order to get money to purchase drugs . They will be arrested and to be sent to the prison in the end .
Drug abuse is a fatal habit which would totally ruin your beautiful future . Whatever happens , do not take drugs . life is really not that desperate .
" No drugs , No nightmares ! "

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23 Responses to The harm of drug abuse

  1. Pui Ki 說道:

    Soft drugs are fatal.It is the common sense so I do not understand why people still take drugs. It does no good to our health.Taking drugs is wrong but driving under the influence of illegal drugs is worse. If the crash is very serious, it will not just cost your life. It will also take other people\’s life. No one can really benefit from drug abuse. I hope government may strength tthe law to solve this problem.

  2. mickey 說道:

    Yes, drugs are harm to our health and we will get addicted soon when we have started to try once. Therefore, taking drugs are not a good way to reduce our pressure. If we need to reduce our pressure, we can share our feelings with our friends or parents.We can also reduce our pressure through doing exercises or listening to the music. Drugs are devil, so don\’t get in touch with them. Otherwise, you will get into trouble.

  3. ELinG 說道:

    That\’s right!Drugs cannot solve any problems.Contrary,it will bring you lots of other problems.This is a very easy and clear logic,but why still so many people do it?I think they also know the harms of drug abuse.So I cannot not think of a reason why they go on do this studip behaviour.Maybe they don\’t know how to handle the pressure?I suggest them playing sport.It is a extremely effective method to help us deal with the pressure.

  4. carol 說道:

    Cheung So Mui ,Carol 6A(2)As we all know,the problem of drug taking is worsing among teenagers. It seems that they all believe that they wiil be joyful after taking drug .Unfortunately ,taking drug is not good for their health , it is danger for them suffer from high blood pressure or heart disease and the like .In order to be happy,it is absurd for the people who taking drug .We bave other methods to be joyful and live meaningful .such as be the volunteer to help the people who in need .

  5. Ho ming 說道:

    Taking drug is not a way to solve problem, people who take drug just want to escape from the problem.However taking drug is illegal , if you are caught by police, more problem will produce, it is useless. Also taking drug use a lot of money ,it will make more problem ,so the right attitude is talk to the one we trust and try to solve the problem in a positive way

  6. So 說道:

    6A.So Siu Heung 23No drugs , No nightmares !i strongly agree!It is poor for the teens to take drugs.They want to release their pressure and then get addicted to drug s.It is really a stupid way!They have never considered the consequence before they were getting drugs.Their parents should also afford the results!I believe it is a communication problem.So, parents should care more their children\’s life.And the children should also talk to their parents honestly.It\’s not suitable to take drugs to avoid the difficulty!

  7. ching yan 說道:

    6A CAT (22)l think everybody know that the drugs is bring a lot of disadvantages for our health. also it will make people die.therefore we should face this problem seriously , nowadays , more and more youngsters take the drugs , l think the government should have more education for teenagers. they can talk more about what\’s influence ofthe drugs. also the drugs is so expensive . we can see that the drugs is not have anyone advantages.l am totally agree of No drugs , No nightmares .

  8. Unknown 說道:

    6A Wan Yiu FanThe problem of drug abuse among youngsters is becoming more serious. I think the government and the school should something to help ease the problem. The government should hold more activities that teach the community mor about the adverse effect of drug abuse.On the other hand, teachers in school should talk more about drug abuse,this will frighten the students off drug abuse.It is because most young people are still studying in school and education is the most effective long term solution.

  9. TSZ HEI 說道:

    Taking drog don\’t give us any advantage,instead it brings a lot of problem to us,using klarge amount of money, cauing bad relationship with faamily members,In the worst case,drug take away the life of drug taker,it is a pity that a life is wasted in such way.,so i think everybody should care about themselves and don\’t have any contact with drug.

  10. chun yiu 說道:

    Ngai Chun Yiu 6B18Actually , as far as I am concerned . Those students have misunderstanded the harmful effect of wking drugs , also , they want to release their pressure by taking drugs . The government should do more to prevent the students by advertising and slogans just like " No drugs , No nightmares ! "

  11. Cheuk kit 說道:

    In my opinion, taking drugs is not a good action to take when you have stress and depression.Taking drugs will only make you more unhappy and can not solve the problem properly.Moreover, taking drugs is harmful for our health and lead to death.Since there are so much harm for taking drugs,people specially teenagers should think carefully about what they should do when they have stress and depression,Also , the government should do more to prevent people taking drugs like giving harsher punishment and so on.

  12. Sunny Wong 說道:

    It is rubbish to say that taking drags can give takers relaxation. Chemicals ruin takers mental system.Teenagers choose a wrong way to relax themselves, we must give them advice and strictly resrtict drugs whenever.I agree with NO DRUGS, NO NIGHTMARES, it is always true.We should not try taking drugs although we are facing problem.

  13. LEO 說道:

    I think most of the drug addicts are misled by others and they decided to take drugs. They may feel wonderful at first time, but they had no idea how hard to quit if they were addicted. All of them will regret when the drugs have brought them damage to their body, and the damage is permanent. They are responsible for themselves.

  14. Helen 說道:

    It is absolutely right that \’\’ No drugs, No nightmares!\’\’Drugs is the harmful chemicals that we should never try to have it.Indeed, there are a lot of ways to relieve pressure and we should choose the way that is not a threat to our health

  15. Ngo Yin 說道:

    Teenages always have excused,they may argue that their parents have no time to take care of them.Therefore,they took drugs to relief pressure,but is it the only way ?I don\’t think so!There are so many methods to solve the problem they are facing ,for example, listening to music,doing sports……Young people ,Please be awake!Don\’t waste your money and time on it!It wil damage your whole life!

  16. 新伍 sam ng 說道:

    Drugs are dangerous chemicals it will harm our life!take drugs to relax is a silly method!we should say no to drugs

  17. Kit 說道:

    Illegal drugs are notorious for its irremediable harmful effect to human.However, it seems that people are not really understand how bad the effect could be.It even affect the others now as they drive under the influence of drugs.Someone may get killed by the traffic accident. It is really a nightmare .

  18. manfei 說道:

    It \’s not a new topic in our society . There are series reasons why teenagers still take drugs even they know the bad influence . However , i believe that the main reason is most of them are misled by their friends . After they try and become addicted . I hope teenagers can learn to say "NO" to their friends at the right time but not agree with them blindly .

  19. Patricia 說道:

    The drug abuse problem is getting serious in recent year and many young people get addicted to drugs too. The society put more and more concern on this issue and I think people should learn how to refuse their friends as drug abuse will greatly harm our health, we must never try it.

  20. sik kin 說道:

    whatever taking drugs or carrying drugs are illegal haviour. if the youngster who takes or carries drug, he will be arrested and it is a bad impact to his future. moreover, drugs are irritateing, it damages the body of the one who take drugs. as a result, we should say no the drugs.

  21. ng 說道:

    as far as i am concerned,taking drugs or carrying drugs are illegal.apart from this,youngsters should not take drugs because they are harmful.once you are addicted to those soft drugs,hardly can you quit from them anymore.So,do not ever want to wai lok 6b16

  22. Peter 說道:

    Although "No drugs , No nightmares !" is a good slogan. i love the chinese one"你玩藥 藥玩你" more.The chinese one can show us that drug lead them to death.Drug is the player but not the accicters.

  23. Lily 說道:

    I think that taking drug is a dangerous thing.Also,taking drugs is not a good action to take when you have stress and depression.They cannot use this way to slove the problem,durg will harm us.


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