Prison pen pals became lovers,then partners in crime on the outside

Prison pen pals became lovers, then partners in crime on the outside
6A Elaine Ng

    Drug addicts Leung Hin-fai and Sun Chi-man became lovers in jail.They fell in love after they had been writing letters to each other during the time they were previously in jail.But they were not allowed to contact with other prisoners in jail.So,no one knew the reason why they could communicate with each other.When they released,they will burgle outside together..And now their relationship has led them back to prison.

    I think this news is really interesting.They can become pen pals in jail.And then they became lovers and crime together again.I think this case is quite strange.When they can be released from jail,they should have a new life.But they still chose to commit crime.If I were them,I would not do the same as they did.As it is a stupid behaviour.It my lover does those illegal things,I will try my best to forbid his decision.It is because if I really love him,I will not want him make any mistakes.So,I will choose to stop him.And not like Sun Chi-man that commit crime with lover.

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4 Responses to Prison pen pals became lovers,then partners in crime on the outside

  1. 說道:

    6A tommyI believe that true love can break all obstacle on the two\’s road. True love makes people treasure the things they have! Now this two had faced and shoulder their wrong things before. I hope that and believe that they will treasure the things after they leave the jail, including their freedom and their love! Destiny is wonderful. You will never know when you will meet you true lover. I make a wish for this two people, to love each other forever!

  2. JUKI 說道:

    6A 01 Juki Chan Kei ChiThis is an interesting news. I can\’t imagine that the prisoners can develop their relationship by writing letters and became lovers. In my view I agree with Elaine\’s view . If my lover or even my family try to commit crime, I also will try my best to stop them too. I think this is the only method to help them.

  3. IcE' 說道:

    This is my first time to heard the prisoners in jail can become lovers. The most interesting thing is that they commit crime together after they released. However, i don\’t understand why they cannot stop commiting crime after they released. They have a chance to develop their love but they didn\’t cherish it. It is so regrettable.

  4. King Fung 說道:

    I also want to have partner who are the same interest in. They are so cool. They committed crime together. I am jealous of them. Haha, do I can find my lover in jail?


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