6A Micky Pang

In Guangdong, there is some protesting happen. The government and the residents argue about the building of incinerator project. The residents are against to build the second incineration since they are worried about their health.

However, the government understands that if they still not build the incinerator, Guangzhou will become full of rubbish and trash will be literally on the streets. Therefore, the government has been building and planning incinerators across the city to deal with the problems.

The building of the incinerator projects has made a big and strong public opposition. The protest has no signs of easing until now.

For me, I agree to build of trash incinerators. It’s because Guangzhou have no place to put the rubbish, and the landfill have been already full. However, I think the government should build the trash incinerators that are far away from the living place. It’s because burning rubbish will release some of the toxic gases, and it is not good for our heath. If the government can build the trash incinerators far more from the residents living place, I think they will have less negative feeling about that.

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19 Responses to Blog

  1. Pui Ki 說道:

    People always express their feelings by protesting. They want the government to listen their complaints. Sometimes, people may not be satisfied with the government policy but the policy must be implemented. Therefore, the government and the residents should make a balance. The government has to do some precaution to prevent the toxic gases from doing harm on the people. If the government do so, I think the residents will agree to build the trash incinerators.

  2. KAZUYI 說道:

    I agree with the opinion of Mickey. Seriously, people always have to throw rubbish and the area of landfill is limited so that it will be full soon. We can\’t always find another places to build another landfill after the original one is full because a city or even say a country has limited places. If we always try to build a new one, soon all the places of the city or the country will become landfill and people cannot live in there. Hence, building an incinerator is another method the ease this problem. I can\’t say the problem will be solved by the incinerator is because some of the ruubish cannot be burnt. But it does can help Guandzhou to ease the problem of full of landfill. And if the incinerator is built away from the living place, the bad impact to people may be reduced. Li Mang ( Stella ) 6A 12

  3. ELinG 說道:

    No one want to live near the incinerator surely.It will have a bad effect on human.The air quality have already been terrible for a long time in Hong Kong.So we are very sensitive for the air quality nowadays.You said the incinerator should build far from the city.I agree.I suggest that it should build up in a island which is not near city and no people live.Although it will raise the cost for build and transit,it is worthwhile.

  4. yi 說道:

    I understand why eople protest the project of building incinerator.However at the same time, I think those people have responsibilty on putting Guangzhou to be a "Rubbish City". If they do not wasted a lot of litter and rubbish , and cause the landfill have been already full, the government will not plan to build the second incinerator.And i think the government also need to consider the building place, it should not close to the residential areas.If not it will bring the far-reachind and disastrous effects on people\’s health.Kong Ka Yi , Claire 6A (07)

  5. WAI KA 說道:

    I am disagree for building these incinerators. It is because there are much of pollution in China. It just make the problem be more serious although it can tackle the rubbish problem. Actually, I think China government should pay more attention on how to educate citizens. For example, China government should advertise more on recycling. It may be more effective than building incinerators.

  6. Wing 說道:

    Commonly people always want to have a better living condition becaus it is the basic provision that the government should give to public. However , there is realy need to bulid a incinerator for Guangdong which in a dilemma. It is proposed Guangdong government take a survey and have a well urban planing that pollutant ejected by incinerator will not affect residential area. A green belt can be blult between the incinerator and living area , it also can be built in a island that separate to the city.Wong Chun Wing (29) 6A

  7. Cheuk kit 說道:

    I agree for building the trash incinerators in Guangdong since there is not enough place to have more landfill.Building trash incinerators can solve the problem more effectively.However, the government should choose the locations to build the trash incinerator more carefully because this will affect the health of the residents.The governmentn should choose a place that is far away from the public for reducing the effect of the health of the citizens.

  8. LEO 說道:

    I don\’t think the protest of the Guangdong residents is reasonable as the landfill has already fulled. They have no space to handle the rubbish. However, how stupid they are if they still think that incinerators do harm their health. It is well-known that the advanced incinerators are able to convert the harmful gases into unharmful gases. There is no any excuses to protest the building of incinerators.

  9. Sunny Wong 說道:

    6B Wong Ho ChingI think building incinerator in Guangdong is a must. Rubbish is produced everyday, we must find a way to manage it.Since there are not many lands for landfilling, building incinerators is of the alternative method.Citizen in Guangdong shouldn\’t oppose this suggestion since the government has power to do anything.

  10. Tsz Fung 說道:

    I think there is no choice, except building one more incinerator in Guangdong for reducing the use of the landfills.Since it is a urgent problem that the landfills in Guangdong are already full and there are not enough places to build more landfills.Besides, the Guangdong\’s citizens should have a better environmental sense that reduce the domestic waste.

  11. Kit 說道:

    Trash is being produced everyday. There must be somewhere to put the rubbish.Building a incinerator is unavoidable since the landfill in Guangdong has been already full. As land is limited, it is the only choice to tackle the problem.Moreover, to be considerate, the government should place the incinerator somewhere away from the citizen.

  12. manfei 說道:

    I think that is the only method to solve this problem . I see no reasons why the citizens need to go to protest . They are the main producer of trash and the responsibility should be put on them . Because of the landfill have already saturated , residents should understand that they have no choices to deal with this problem.The first thing they should do is to relfect their attitude to the enviroment but not complain every policies

  13. Patricia 說道:

    As the rubbish in Guangdong is escalating increase , I think it is impotant for the government to build the incinerator immediately . Also, the landfill have been already full , so it is the only way to solve this problem. However, the incinerator will produce many pollutants and deteriorate the air quality , so I understand why they oppose the building of incinerator .

  14. IcE' 說道:

    It is unavoidable to build the incineration since we need to solve the problem about full rubbish of landfill. However, the authorities should consider the residents\’ health. So this problem is controversial. I think the way for solving this problem is that the trash incinerators far more from the residents living place.

  15. ng 說道:

    in my opinion,buildingin incinerator in Guangdong is a must as many rubbish is produced everyday.there are no alternative,the situation in Guangdong is similar to hongkong,land in not sufficientso,building incinerator is the only way to solve this problemng wai lok 6b16

  16. Peter 說道:

    Building a incinerator is really vital project. Residents can not oppose this project.I think the place of incinrtator is the key factor in this event.i think the address of incinerator should be chose away from the residential area.

  17. puiyee 說道:

    I agree to build the incinerators , landfills have been aleady full, so therefore incinerators should be established immediately, many people worry that I burning rubbish will release the toxic gas, it will effect people\’s health. However , i think the government should be build that away from the living place.

  18. Lily 說道:

    I think that it is a serious problem.I do not agree with the grovement to build the incinerators. It is because it is no good for our health. Also,it will make lots of toxic gases.Guangzhou have no place to put the rubbish, and the landfill have been already full. But,I think the good way is that we keep the environment clean.

  19. Ngo Yin 說道:

    Yes,I agree with Micky.Let\’s use TM as an example,the government built rubbish station in TM. Those living in tm also complaint about it but if we think deeply,we will uunderstand why the government decided like this.No people would like it,but we must have a place to store our rubbish.S we should try to understand it


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