6A Pang Sin Ki Polly
This news is talking about the applicants of schools which were switched to English schools increased greatly.
This phenomenon shows some social situations in HK. First,.English is an important language in HK. Second, Chinese might be neglected by us.
For the first point, I agree that English is very omportant to us. Since Hong Kongis an international city,a financial center of Asia. Most of the business men around the would would like to come to HK for developing their business. So, learning better English in order to has a good communications with foreigners is necessary. Therefore, the parents want their children to study in English schools, which are supposed to be better than the Chinese schools. It is just like the situation that YAN OI TONG TING KA PING Secondary School had met. There were 26.6% more pupils applying than last year.
Second, HK schools nelected Chinese learning. Nowadays, English is very important to students, people pay more attentions on English, but not on our mother language. I think that is not a good phenomenon. It is because Chinese is a very meaningful and useful language too. China growing quickly, she would be one of the most powerful countries in the world. So we should also focus on Chinese as well.
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7 Responses to Blog

  1. Ho ming 說道:

    po, i don\’t think more people tend to use english is not a good phenomenon.First english is a international language, it is a "must" that every student should have good english skill in daily life,therefore more student use english shold be a good phenomenon but not a bad phenomenon.

  2. WAI KA 說道:

    I am totally agree with POLLY. Many schools are seeing Engilsh important and neglect Chinese. In secondary schools, students should use English to study all the A-Level subjects, except Chinese , Chinese history and Chinese Literature. If a student use English to take A-Level subects , he may just use a few of time to study Chinese and it is not enough. I think school and government shout think more about on how to balance Chinese and English. It is not just focus on how to get a good result or how good their English are.

  3. Donald Tang 說道:

    fat popo, I agree that you said English is quite important to us. Hong King is an international city, many business men around the would, they would like to come to hong kong to develop their business. But i deem it\’s not enough for learning english. Apart from learning english, we must make more friends in hong kong. Your friends would give you more chance to earn money and take some businesses. When you finished the study journery. We would know that "Friends" is more nesscessy than knowledge. Know more languages are useful. But don\’t miss it. China growing quickly, preparing for our future is the main method. The powerful country would make you feel the world is wonderful!

  4. ANSON 說道:

    i cannot agree more! beacause Hong Kong is an international city.Most of us are kindly to know the english and use it probably.Studying in English college is the fastest way to learn english and use it correctly.Also,we cannot forget the chinese language as we are chinese.Now we know that English and Chinese are very important to us as we are the hong kong people.

  5. Wing 說道:

    I argee that English is very important in our society nowadays.There are more an more CMI school wanted to change to EMI school. After the policy that school can change it freely have came out , many school want to change some of the class into English-teaching because they want to build a good studying conditon for the well behaved student. Truly the English subject result for the student teached in English is better than teached in Chinese ones. The result of other subject ,however , may be not as good as the Chinese ones ,beacuse junior student may not totaly know what the teacher say.Wong Chun Wing (29) 6A

  6. Ngo Yin 說道:

    It has no doubt that Chinese is also important.Maybe because of being colony of US.We are all implanted thhe wrong concept that English is teh most important for us.But the truth is not!Won\’t you feel ashame that as a Chinese ,your Chinese level may even lower than a foreigner? I think that no mattr how important is that language to us, the first thing we need to do is that learn our mother language-CHINESE in a efficient way , don\’t igore the importance of it!

  7. Ho Yin Harry 說道:

    6B 22 HarryI am sorry that do u mean that "more CMI schools want to change to EMI " for the 1st statement? If my guess is correct, I think it is a predictable picture before its implement. Since English is still one of the main language used in the world. And learning English is actually easiler than Chinese, which is considered as the most complicated language in the world. Therefore, more schools want their students can have greater improvement in English other than Chinese. While English is important to every candidates nowadays, in contrast, Chinese is being neglected. Honestly, it is really a hard job for me learning Chinese. However, Chinese is also a beautiful language that every single word has its meaning, and the art of calligraphy is highly honourable. It is a kind of art and cultural that we cannot omit but to be repect.


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