6A Karen Ng
This article is about a seven-year-old boy donated about HK$625000 to the victims who are suffered from earthquake. The boy did a sponsored bike ride for collecting money and gave that amount of money to the people in Haiti in order to help them passing through the sorrowful days.
The boy is only seven years old, but he knows how to share his happiness with the people who lack it. When the peers are playing computer games, reading comics or watching animax, this boy could realize the global issue and even hold a bike ride for fund raising. He tried to collect money for the people in Haiti in order to ease their current situation!
I really appreciate him and feel a bit embarrassed that I haven’t do something to help the victims. However, the boy inspired me that giving is a part of happiness, and reminded me not to be so mean to the others. Children, as the pillars of society, should follow the boy’s lead and try to help the people in need!

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  1. miuyee 說道:

    I also appreciate him . Honestly , we all have to learn about what he has done . Albeit young , but he can still know how to take care the others and think from the victims\’ side . Sometimes some adults can not do the same .As far as i am concerned , we have to follow the boy and try to help the people in need in Haiti .

  2. mickey 說道:

    I argee that it is happy to help people. Even this seven years old boy know it, why we can\’t learn from him ? Certainly, we might not have a lot of money. But, we can still helping them even we just donate $20. It doesn\’t matter that you donate a lot or just a little, it just for helping people who need us to bear a hand. Therefore, we must try to help the people in need, because "giving is a part of happiness".

  3. KAZUYI 說道:

    I also feel very happy to hear a news of a boy who is just 7 years old donated HK$625000 to the victims in Haiti. He is so kind and the most important is he understand the difficulty that those victims have and try to help them by his way. This is not the thing that all the 7-year-old child can do. This also reminded me we should help the people who are suffering from the earthquake, tsunami etc. without any reason because we are all living in the earth and we are the same. I don\’t mean we have to donate a lot of money to them but we should try our best to help them. This is what people should be.Li Mang ( Stella ) 6A 12

  4. yi 說道:

    I really appreciate about what he did to the Haiti victims, and most important thing is he just seven-year-old.I think most of us need to learn from him, we should share our extra and excessive things to the people who are in need.Well, we may not have such passion and kind-hearted like this boy, donated a large amount of money,but we could donated our unnecessary things, like old clothes , toys, stationary etc.Both of us have responsibilty to help people in need , because we all live in the same planet, the Earth.We should help each other and develop a happiness planet.And the first step is to share our happiness to others.Kong Ka Yi, Claire 6A (07)

  5. carol 說道:

    Cheung So Mui , carol 6A(2)I was touched when I heard that a seven years old boy donated 625000 dollars to the Haiti victims . He set a good example for us , we should hearn for his denerosity.He is willing to share the things that he love ,such as his bike. The boy let me know the vital of sharing .Therefore, it is high time for the family ang schools to do something to raise the awareness of sharing.For schools ,it is practical for them to hold more charity activities , in order to make students be more generous .

  6. 說道:

    6A tommyHe is a good model. Actually, many of us may think that Haiti is far for us. This issue seems none of our business! I really happy that I could know such person, whch set a good example for everyone. We should learn from him! The scholar of china before such as Confucius believe that a good person can share his(/her) goodness to everyone arround. The age now is a "age of information", the internet shorten the transport of information. I hope that this can helps more people to learn from him!

  7. Unknown 說道:

    6A Wan Yiu FanAfter reading the comment, I thought about doing something to help the people who suffer from earthquake in Haiti.However in reality, I did nothing.The citizens who live in Haiti was so poor that they have nothig to do after the qarthquake.They can just wait for the help of international aim.Lonf distant form epicenter,the boy in British hold a bike ride for fund raising.Although he is still young ,but he did a lot to help the victims,so I feel embarrassed as what Karen feel.

  8. So 說道:

    6A So Siu Heung (23)Wow!The boy is so brave and great!I really appreciate the spirit that the boy have.It\’s so amazing that he can donate $625000.It\’s very embarrassed that i have not do something to help the victims of the earthquake!The behavior of a little boy is hitting the deepest of my heart.It makes me collect my thoughts.

  9. kay 說道:

    6A kay pangi was shock when i read this article. i dont know why a boy, who r only seven years old, can own over $625000. i want to know how he can save so much money rather than why he donate those money.on the other hand, i appreciate this boy very much as his kindness that is not everyone can do. i think those richers should learn from him, and of course including all of us^_^

  10. Donald Tang 說道:

    So amazing! A severn year old boy donated over $625000 to the victims who are suffered from earthquake. In general, it is impossible that the boy have $625000 for own. Through he donate much money to the victims who are suffered form earthquake, where the money come from? From their parent? The kindness is quite good. We should learn to him. All people do these action the would would be gain!

  11. TSZ HEI 說道:

    i think the boy really do a good job,he try his best and do what he can do to help the victims from earthquake,,he is better than more teenagers in HK or other countries.Nowaday teenagers just concern about themselves and wamt to enjoy like going disco or karaoke,they don\’t know how to care the one who are in need.Therefore, i think the little kid realluy do a meaningful things.

  12. ANSON 說道:

    The boy that talked in article had done a really good job.He know what is a kind heart and mind.It is very important to hong kong teenagers to learn on him.Now,hong kong youngers only know how to play the tv or pc games.It is shy that why hong kong citizen do not have a helpful mind.

  13. Silver 說道:

    6A Wu Yin Ting (Silver) (32)i think most of adults should learn on this boy! He is only seven years old,but he is very mature,he know how to share happoness!i feel embarressed when i know this news. Because when i was spending money to shpping , this boy was collecting money to help the victims who are suffered from earthquake! In Hong Kong ,teenagers don\’t know how diffcult to earn money ,and we are selfish, we can\’t like this boy to share money with someone who need.After reading this new, i wish teengers (include me) can change our attitude of using money, try to help people who will need!

  14. Eunice 說道:

    Ling Hin,Eunice 6A (13)i felt so amazed and shocked about this news.This Boy just seven-year-old that he know how to help people.nowadays,Many teenages loves to waated their pocket money to buy a lot of luxury,like waste $5000 to $6000 to buy a ipone or computer or camera.i think they should learn this boy that have the donate sprit andlove to have needs people.

  15. Helen 說道:

    He is a very kind-hearted boy!He is only seven years old but he knows how to share his happiness to those who are now in the sorrow.Compared with him, I am just a selfish person because I have do nothing.Maybe the boy understand what \’\’it is better to give than to receive.\’\’ means and everyone including me should learn it.

  16. King Fung 說道:

    Oh! I feel ashamed. When I was seven years old, I just considered where could I play. However, he held a bike ride for fund-raising. Moreoer, he donated about HK$625000 to the victims. He is a kind boy. God bless the victims and him. Hope him can keep his heart forever and help more people.

  17. sik kin 說道:

    the little boy is very generous and sympathetic. i feel embarrassedto myself as i did nothing to the vistims who are sufferred from the destructive earthquake. i also feel shock to the little boy. how come a seven years old boy did a sponsored bike ride? it is amazing.


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