Dear Diary

1A Henry Tsang

Dear Diary

            I had a great day today. In the morning, I went to Ocean Park with my new friend Kiko and my family. We went to Ocean Park, I was very excited! When we went to Ocean Park, I Kiko ran to aquarium. We thought the fish was so beautiful! Then, we went to the children’s playground. It was so happy! Finally, we went to the bird future world! There were so many birds, more than 750! For example, a parrot or parakeet, a red stork and an eagle. It is so good!

            In the afternoon, we went to Kiko’s home, we played UNO, and my family likes this game very much!

           At night, we said goodbye and went home, I think I am lucky, I could meet this good friend. Well, I have lots of great fun today, it’s time for bed now.

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5 Responses to Dear Diary

  1. Tszying 說道:

    Yes, lucky youyou had a great time….^^ 1a18 Leung tszying

  2. a 說道:

    i am jeffreythe article is the besti like hiking with my friends……………..Tai Mo Shan is a good hill i love it

  3. 文光仔 說道:

    OH my love i very like you which AR i like going you Ocean PARK to yo yo my very like you going to hiking meet to me OK???YOYO

  4. Kwan Ho 說道:

    your new friend is beautiful?I like going Ocean Park.I meet many friends.The eagle is cute ?Will,you and me go to Ocean Park, I will be very excited!I hope you can go to Ocean Park with me

  5. 鹏飞 說道:

    It\’s very well.Ocean Park is very great .I have been to Ocean park. There is very exciting. I have seen the panda at the lowland garden.Panda is very lovely.I like it very much .The panda \’s color is black and white. I will go with you. Lee Pang Fei 1A 15


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