Dear Diary

1A Leung Kong Kwan

Dear Diary

            Today, I made a new friend, his name was Benny, his favorites activities were playing computer games and hiking.

            In the morning, we went to an Internet café to play online games. When we felt hungry, we went to KFC. After lunchtime, we went shopping. We have bought something. We went to a CD shop and we bought some CDs. I bought some Japanese CDs but his were Chinese.

            In the afternoon, we went to the bus stop. We took different buses, I took the 234X and he took 218C.

            Today I was so happy, I wanted to spend a day with Benny again.

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6 Responses to Dear Diary

  1. 銘健 說道:

    you friend get you faith is happy2B22sokakit

  2. Unknown 說道:

    I\’m very glad to heard you making a new friend. And remember,don\’t go to Internet cafe very often

  3. 說道:

    congraulations!you made a new friendi think your new friend can play with you together forever!i like hiking and play computer games too,i hope you will date me in next time.1A yuen hong wai

  4. p JOE qx 說道:


  5. 法希 說道:

    Hello Ben,Benny is nice?I am Andy Sum.l want to miss Benny.Next time,i can go to internet cafe with you to play online games.See you soon.

  6. 文光仔 說道:

    i like you very MUCH


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