Dear Diary

1A Kwong Ka Yiu
Dear Diary

            Today, I went to Jay Chow concerts with my new friend Kiko in the morning. We ate a lot of food and got the Jay Chow signature.

            In the afternoon, we went to the library to read comics. I was interesting. She likes collecting comics, but I don’t because it was very boring. In the evening, we went to a seafood restaurant, the food was very expensive. Next, we went to my home and sing some songs. Finally, I took her to her home.

            Today, I was very happy because I could play with my new friend. I could also get Jay’s signature and ate a lot of food.

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3 Responses to Dear Diary

  1. Henry Tsang. 說道:

    Ma ma me are~Ma ma me are~ Ma ma me are~Yoyoyo~Man What\’s upXDD^_^

  2. 說道:

    congraulations!you made a new friendi think your new friend can play with you together forever!i like hiking and play computer games too,i hope you will date me in next time.1A yuen hong wai


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