Dear Diary

1A Cheng Tong Yan
Dear Diary
          Have you met a new friend? I have, she is called Lucy.

I had a great day today. Lucy and I went to the ABC Park. There are so many trees. Lucy and I took a lot of photos, we were very happy.

In the afternoon, we went to eat seafood, it was very yummy! We ate a big fish. Next, Lucy and I went shopping, we bought so many T-shirts, and then we saw some dogs, they were so funny and lovely.

Finally, we went to a camera shop to buy a new camera to take photos, I think Lucy was very happy.

In the evening, we went to eat dinner, we ate so much yummy food. Next I went back to my bedroom to chat on MSN and play online games, I chat with my Mum and Dad. I hope my sister can sleep with me now, because I am not in Hong Kong.

I will go back to Hong Kong tomorrow! Bye for now.

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3 Responses to Dear Diary

  1. 蔥明仔 說道: is very good ..i like ABC Park. i want to go ABC Park .MY name is Dchung

  2. p JOE qx 說道:

    cm~~~~~~~~XD (>o<)


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