When should kids get cell phones,computer and TV ?

When should kids get cell phones,computer and TV ?

Every parent of a young child today knows the dilemma: When is your child old enough for a cell phone? A computer? A TV in their room?

Good questions, and while the scientific and psychological consensus tends to skew toward encouraging later adoption of gadgetry (12 years old is a common figure for My First Cell Phone), parents are decidedly mixed. 

To wit, Retrevo just released new research on this topic based on a survey of 1,000 people (which seems to include both parents and the childless). Their results are interesting (and I am posting the results verbatim below):

A Child’s First Cell Phone
– 5% of people think kids under 9 should have their own cell phones
– 28% of people think kids should have their own cell phone between the ages of 9 & 12
– 61% of people think kids should be between age 13 & 18 for a phone
– 6% of people thing kids should wait until they’re 18 to get a cell phone

A Child’s First Computer
– 31% of people think that kids should have their first computer by the age of 9
– 35% of people think that kids should have their first computer between the ages of 9 & 12
– 30% of people think that kids should have their first computer between the ages of 13 & 18
– 4% of people think parents should wait until the kids are over 18

A Child’s First TV
– 27% of people think kids should have their own TV by the age of 9
– 20% of people think kids should have their own TV between the ages of 9 & 12
– 30% of people think kids should have their own TV between the ages of 13 & 18
– 23% of people think kids should be over 18 before having their own TV

Pretty strong consensus that around 13 is a good starting point for the phone discussion, while TVs and computers find extremely mixed results.


Information and stat were taken from the website below.


My thought:
Peter Tse Ngai Chung 6B (23)


It’s difficult to decide this since it really depends on the child. If a kid is mature enough, they can contact with technology early and it will not be so bad. But if a kid shows a sign of immaturity, it’s better to wait until he is mature enough.
In my case, i got my first phone when i promoted from secondary school.
A cell phone is very helpful in secondary school because every time I go to school events, my parents can get a hold of me.
I think that kids should get their phone at the oldest in secondary 2 because they start going to school activities almost everyday.
For computer and TV, as long as there is a home computer, they don’t need their own. A home computer is enough for them to learn form internet.
TVs in their rooms are completely unnecessary since kids can spend nearly unlimited time on TV. This really affects their academy.

Therefore, form my opinion, only a cell phone is necessary for a kid. Other technology is not a must.

本篇發表於 S6。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

7 Responses to When should kids get cell phones,computer and TV ?

  1. LEO 說道:

    I can\’t agree you more! I think many children are spoiled by their parents and they can get a newest model mobile phone easily, especially primary students. However, the fact is that they don\’t actually need it as they don\’t have a chance to make any phone calls during lessons and they have few extra-curricular activities. It seems that they want to show off their gorgeous mobile phones. Besides, a PC is enough for a family to use and for children to do their online homework. Children should not have a personal TV as well notwithstanding there are so many attractive TV programs at the same time, this will affect the academic result undeniably.

  2. ng 說道:

    i absolutely agree with leo and peter,a child should have a mobile phone but not the latest or expensive model.you will find a cell phone useful when you are going out alone,you can use it to contact your family as a result they dont need to worry about you.in additional to,in my opinion there is no need a personal TV or PC for a child as those things wont help their study.6b ng wai lok

  3. kairi 說道:

    I agree with you three here. A child should have one but not the lastest one. The newest models in the market can cost up to a few thousands and they would be too extravangant for kids to have one of those. I remember i had my 1st cell phone when i was in year 1 in university.I hadnt had any problem before i had one. ^^For a personal TV. Oh please~ why do they need one? for spoiling them!

  4. ANSON 說道:

    I agree with you. Because a cell phone should be given to a mature children.If not,some naive students may use cell phone to play some games or send some msg.It will influence student study.I get my phone in primary 6 so i am mature enough to use this phone correctly.I think this kind of techology is very useful and it helps a lot for our commerical society.

  5. Ho ming 說道:

    peter, i think your view is what i want to say. Different people should have their own planning in educating their children, some parents may think these things(cell phone,TV and computer)can be as a prize when they have some good result. Some will buy these for them when they are very small, they want their children can be live independently ,so they try to threat their children as an adult, so they will have all these things when they are small.Actually, i don\’t think there is any problems when the parent give their children those things, however ,I think TV shouldn\’t be bought to them so early since watching TV is a family activity for us to sit with our family members.That\’s waht i think peter ,computer should also be necessary to children ~"~6A li ho ming

  6. chun hei 說道:

    Chui Chun Hei 6A (4)For this question , I think cell phone and computer are necessary for kids .First, cell phone is very useful. Kids could use them to contact with their parents if they have to back home latrly.And the internet is popluar and informative nowaday.Kids could use the computer to get some extra intformation on the net. Of course, parents should supervise their kids to prevent kids indulged on those technology.

  7. CHUNYAT 說道:

    In my opinion, I agree with your point. Kids go into secondary school would have many school activities. If these activities are held for a long time, they could use cell phone to tell their parents.And their parents could be relieved .Also kids may sometime go out at night with friends.If they have a cell phone, their could contact them easily.For the TV and computer,they no need to have their own.A computer and TV is expensive and easily to get indulged.So I think only cell phone is necessary for a kid.Fung Chun Yat 6A 5



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