Passive smoke harms teen arteries

Passive smoke harms teen arteries

Pun Wai Han 6B

   Passive smoke is that someone breathes in tabacco smoke. It contains cotinine, which is a by-product of nicotine.


   A recent survey shows that the damage caused by second-hand tobacco smoke starts in childhood and causes measurable damage by the teen years. Many peaple know that passive smoke may be harmful for adult blood vessels. However this specific effect also happen among children and adolescents. Dr. Katariina Kallio of the University of Turku in Finland and her team conduct an experiment. They divided the children into groups with high, intermediate and low cotinine levels.


   Then, after the experiment, ultrasound was used to measure the thickness of the children’s arteries. The children with the most cotinine in their blood were 7 per cent thicker than those with the lowest cotinine levels. The finding suggests that children should not face exposure to tobacco smoke at all as it may be do harm to the blood vessels.

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4 Responses to Passive smoke harms teen arteries

  1. Ngo Yin 說道:

    I think those smokers are irresponsible .They do know the harmful effect of it but they still do it.They are selfish they don\’t care about the others\’ health So I think they should think twice before smoking

  2. LEO 說道:

    I really hate those smokers, they are very selfish and smoke a lot. They never care about the others and continue smoking. The smell of the smoke is absolutely nasty and disgusting. There is always smell of cigarette smoke spread to my home from toilet because there are some people smoking, and I need to close the windows and the door of my washroom to avoid it. It is very annoying.

  3. kairi 說道:

    I dont really like people smoking near me. it is quite irritating. I had lunch in Gold Coast once. The weather was nice so we decided to sit outside facing the sea. It was really comfortable at the beginning but soon some people smoking in the table next to us, we were not really glad about it. But we had no choice since they are allowed to smoke outside the building.

  4. 說道:

    Lau Ka Ho 6A(09)Actually, the people who smoke will not thought for many thing. They just do something they like but ignore the feeling of the others. Everytime I saw the people smoking in the street, I feel disgusting. Not only the youngster mentioned in the passage, everyone is affected by those selfish people. I really suggest the government to ban smoking, which helps in stoping those behavour.


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