Can a problem be solved by committing suicide?

Can a problem be solved by committing suicide?
Rex Wong King Fung 6B (25)
It is very surprising that a man committed suicide because of appearance. A man who studies at the University of Hong Kong called Poon Kuen Fai committed suicide because a lot of people laughed at his face. Then he couldn’t accept his face and committed suicide.

Although I think appearance is important too, it is unnecessary to kill yourself. The government should improve the education and look after young adult what they want. Also, the parents should care for their children. It is useless for people to solve their problem. I think we should face up to the truth

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22 Responses to Can a problem be solved by committing suicide?

  1. ng 說道:

    i felt sad everytime when i watched the news about people committing suicideits quite sad that a University student committed suicide because our Government have put lots of money to educate thembut,more and more University student want to commit suicide,it shows that they are really having of pressure,government should do something for them6B ng wai lok

  2. kairi 說道:

    You are right, Lok. It is really sad to hear that mroe and more students committed suicide nowadays. Some acted out of extreme pressure. But some acted out of stupidity. If you remember, one secondary school boy committed suicide because he was rejected by a girl. That was jsut silly. His mother was really sad. The same for this one. He was laugh at because of his appearance. He felt sad for sure but the big question is whether he needed to act like this. Another sad tragedy.

  3. miuyee 說道:

    What a sad news , this case showed that although the degree holder has great academic record , they do not have tolerance to pressure . Actually , they are hard to work in the society since they do not acquire ability to face the challenge and problem of the future .The Government ought to improve the education of moral value , to help the students to build up a right attitude to their life , including their appearance and mind . That maybe a good way to reduce such cases of the community , also send more social worker to take care the students to prevent them from commiting suicide .

  4. Pui Ki 說道:

    When I read the news, I was very confused. Is your appearance more important than your life? I don\’t think so. What a silly boy! It is not a big deal if people tease about your appearance. Moreover, if a problem can be solved by committing suicide, the problem is not a problem. Suicide is the stupidest way for you to use. People should really understand the value of life so they will not do silly things easily. They will think twice first.

  5. mickey 說道:

    Yes, I feel surprised when i was reading this news too. He will have a bright future since he is a student of the University of Hong Kong . There are a lot of people who love him and care about him.For example, his family and friend. Therefore, we should treasure our life and don\’t easy to give up when facing any difficulties. There are still a lot of people will support you!

  6. ELinG 說道:

    6A Elaine Ng Yee Lee(18)I am totally agree with you.Appearance is not the most important of our life.There are many other things that are vital for us.For example family and success.Why this guy suicde just because of some appearance problems?He have forgottn the people who love and concern about him.If I were him.I would find someone to talk about my situation.All of us should know that die is not the solution for any problems.

  7. yi 說道:

    6A Kong Ka Yi , Claire (07)I also feel suprised and disappointed when i read this bad news.And i can\’t agree more about your view! I think the Hong Kong teenagers cannot be oppressed, they don\’t know how to face up the difficulties nowadays .Just try to escape from reality,like committing suicide.I think it is time that government and community to do something, like educating the teenagers about the right value.Everyone have their merits ,we should not judge people by their appearances.

  8. carol 說道:

    6A Cheung So Mui(02)I was shocked when i read this news ,it is really impossible that a man committed suicide for his appearance.It is said that "appearance is skin-deep\’,thus it is pity for a man committed suicide for his appaerance.Nowadays,the number of committing suicide is increasing ,It seems that people are afraid to face their diffcilties.I think it is high time for the government to do something to prevent people from committing suicide,for instance,it should print more leaflets and hold more talks.

  9. Dicky 說道:

    6A Wong Sai Ngai, DickyWhen I heard this news,I was superise too.It\’s unbelieve that a student study at university will choose suicide.In Hong Kong,although the apperience is so important.I think that the chance which is you can study at the university are important too!Why he will so native to choose this way to end his life ?This is so unforturn….

  10. So 說道:

    6A So Siu Heung(23)i absolutely disagree the behavior of a\’s very silly.He didn\’t treasure his life.Appearance is not important than our life!Fortunately,the boy didn\’t think so and committed suicide.He is very selfish .He didn\’t consider his family feeling. Also,his parent may also are wrong because they had not enough communication.If they have communicated enough,The boy would not committed suicide.But it\’s so late now.The news let us know that we should look before we leap.

  11. Sin Ki 說道:

    This news shocked me because that boy did a very stupid thing. Lifes is very important for anyone but that boy commited suicide just coz of his ugly face. I think people should think about everything before they did something. In this case, that boy should think about his family first. He is a very good student with good studies\’ result. I believe that his parents would feel gald about that. But that boy gave up his life. It is really a tragedy. I hope that things would not happen again.By Polly Pang 6A 21

  12. Wan 說道:

    6A Karen Ng(17)it was a pitty that a student with high education level had committed suicide. Student are trying hard to gain a place in university and everyone hopes to recieve a higher education level. This man got a place from a brand-named university and he would has a better prospect than the others .However, he chose to kill himself because he was not sactisfied with his appearance . For preventing people to kill themsleves with some minor reasons , parents and teachers should pay more attention to students and help them when they are in need !

  13. WAI KA 說道:

    6A Ecko Tsang Wai Ka(25)Teenagers committing sucide has arouse a cause of concern because this is a serious problem in a society. Nowadays teenagers can\’t overcome just a few of problems. For instance, some students may committed suicide because of their poor exam result. Actually, they may find their teachers or parents for help because they can beileve them. Also, they can find some social workers. These people will help them on a right way. If student get a much of pressure, student can play some sports or go travelling. These may help the teenagers.

  14. ngai pang 說道:

    Wong Ngai Pang 6A (27)I feel afraid of the news.Although he man had a high educational level , he still done this stupid thing.I think the government should be done some things. For examples , she should send more society worker to universities. Because students of university have a great pressure.Also we should build up a good civil education to teach people do not laugh at people. If people do not laugh at this man, the man would not suicide.

  15. Silver 說道:

    6A Wu Yin Ting (32)this new is very unbelieveable! i think Poon Kuen Fai doesn\’t condesidering his parent feeling. he is committed suide because of appearance,but we need to know ,appearance is not most important!He can pass the a level exam to be a university student , what he can\’t accaecp the little diffcult in his life ?He think many people laughed his face , make him lost confidence . I think teenagers should build their confidence on different kinds of interests ,appearance is not most important on our life!Studies,Knowlege,personal are most important than appearance. I wish teenagers can change their attitude !

  16. JUKI 說道:

    Juki chan kei chi 6A (01)This was a shocking news when I read it. I think the boy are bit silly. I think if he had this appearance problem, he should consult the doctor and find out the solution to slove this problem. He committe suicide to slove this problem is not a suitable way. This action totally let his family feel heart-broken. I think teenager should have a possitive attitude to face up the problems. This can help them to pave the way to their future and slove all the problems successfully.

  17. Unknown 說道:

    Wan Yiu Fan 6A(26)Committing suicide because of the appearence is totally unbelievable.Confidence is what our generation lack of,they always feel the others are better than them.In the news,the man who committe suicide because of his appearence.This is apperaently lack of confidence,however,he is a university student.A university student should have the ability to face up the difficulties,but in this case ,he did not show this ability.I doubt the education nowadays are concentrate in studies but lack of civil education which will cause problem like this.

  18. Eunice 說道:

    Ling Hin,Eunice 6A (13)After i read this news,i feel so sock and i think Poon Kuen Fai was very stupid because he had a lot of pimples on face that many people laught himself ,then,he give up his studies.Many Hong Kongs\’ student work very hard also want to study in a good university.Although he can study in a good university-University of Hong Kong , he still give up his gold chance of his studies because he not have confidence to face the problem of his appearance.i reckon teenagers should build up their confidence of their apperance.Also the apperance is not the most important part in our life.Nowadays many yourgers just focus on their apperance, like their bodise are fat or thin.Girls will use every ways to keep is very dangerous that affect their health.So,when teenagers have any unhappy or diffcult things ,they need be strong and brave to face up the problem.Do not use committing suicide to solve the problem,it is a stupid method!

  19. Ryan 說道:

    Wong Chun Kit 6A 28Nowadays,people always care their appearance a lot,particularly of youngsters.They really care about what the others\’ thought about their look,it is just a native thinking though.Every people have their own face and other have no right to critize about it.Also,it is silly that the man committed suicide about someone laughing at him.He should learn to bear it and be measure.

  20. kay 說道:

    kay pang 6A 19i know the appearence is important to the teenagers, but it is not nesseccey to suicide. i think this news is the common problem of nowadays\’ students as their EQ are low, and they cannot accept the tease of the others. schools should enhance the education of students\’ self value because these issue is much more serious throughout the city. moreover, in my opinion, people who tease the boy is hateful because no one is perfect including them. therfore, they cannot laughing at that boy.

  21. mp 說道:

    Colin hon 6a 6I approve that although appearance is really vital, but it can not be more significant than his live.If he had been alive,he would have become more fortunate in the future.also,he has excellent ability,being student of HKU is not easy ,so he should treasure what he owns now

  22. TSZ HEI 說道:

    Chiu Tsz Hei ,6A(3)Committing suicide because of appearance? How come! I think Poon Kuen Fai was very stupid and selfish. Bcause he just only think of himself, he do not think about other peoples\’ feeling. Did he think about his parents? No, he didn\’t.Nowadays, studying in university is very difficult in Hong Kong, especially the best one. He can study in University of Hong Kong, he should treasure this golden chance, not to give up because of this little poblem.People should focus on others inner beauty, but not appearance. Also, if people have any problems, they can find someone to talk with. Committing suicide can not solve any problems!


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