Win or Lose?

Win or Lose?

Derek Siu 6B (21)


“The Biggest Loser”, a popular TV show on the west, has recently been held in Malaysia. It is an unusual game. As it asks the participants to lose their weight in three months, the one lose the most can get a prize of a hundred thousand US dollars and one saloon, in other word, a car. At first, there are two thousand participants. After elections, there are only thirty of them can join this game.


Martha Lai is a twenty-year-old local mixed-blood woman. Before the game, she weighed 127kg. She joined “The Biggest Loser” in Malaysia and was chosen for the competition. Lai is proud of her effort as she lost 88pounds during the time.

Unfortunately, she is the third runner-up who gets no prize. She said she wasn’t exhausted and will keep doing exercises. It is all due to the fact that she has won the healthy body. Moreover, she is invited to work in a gym.


Lai said she had tried many ways to lose weight, for example, eating drugs. Nevertheless, she said that such methods didn’t work for a long term. The best way to lose weight is to have a balanced diet without eating snacks and have enough exercises.


I agree that the most effective way to improve anything usually is the hardest one if you want a long term effect other than a short one. Thus, the will to do has also needed to be strong. Otherwise, you will give up easily because of the obstacles.

As long as you work hard for what you want, you can and you will achieve that.

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14 Responses to Win or Lose?

  1. ben 說道:

    I really admire the spirit of this woman.Although she lost in this game , but she wasn\’t exhausted . I think the main purpose of her is try to get a healthy body , but not just win the game. so, I think she is the winner in the whole process , she overcomed all obstacles and has a healthy body finally. I should learn her spirit in order to overcome all the difficulty and achieve my dream!

  2. tommy 說道:

    Lai has try to do the best to win that game and i think she is also the winner. as she knows how to do in order to keep a healthy body. i also agree with the writter. that is as long as you work hard for what you want, you can and you will achieve that. i think if you have do your best noting is impossible.

  3. pui shan 說道:

    There are a lot of TV shows which invite audience to participle in and the winner can get a prize in the wset. If the participants do not do hard in the TV show, they will lose. However, I think that all of the participants in "The Biggest Loser" are winners. As they get a healthy bodies by using a healthy way. Otherwise, it is easy for them to get haert disease when they are still keeping fat bodies.

  4. Tsz Fung 說道:

    I admire her since I know that it is very difficult to lose weight, but she can lose 88 pounds in 3 mouths. Although she did not win a prize in the game, she got a job and won a healthy life. And she also proved that doing more exercises and having a healthy diet is better than eating drugs or other methods.

  5. Helen 說道:

    I am impressed by Martha because I know that it is not easy to lose weight!To stop eating snacks is the must thing to do and it is really difficult to resist the temptation to those delicious food. A strong determination is needed to help her overcome all the obstacles.Therefore, I think we should learn her attitude of facing difficulties.

  6. Cheuk kit 說道:

    Although Lai was the third runner-up in the show, I think that she was the winner in the game. It is because she got a healthy body during the process and she won ajob in a gym.I really admire her spirit because we all know that it is very difficult to lose weight but she still lose 88 pounds in three months and not turn back in a short time.I also agree that the most effective way to improve anything usually is the hardest one because there are many obstacles during improving.

  7. manfei 說道:

    Nowadays , the methods and ways of lose weight become the most popular topic between all girls and women . Besides , companies which selling slimming pills or having slimming treatment usually have plentiful profits . However , most of these products have side effect on our health . This TV show proves that the most effective method of losing weight is to have a balanced diet and have exercise regularly .

  8. puiyee 說道:

    This activity is very attractive.The participants not only can lose weight but also may get a prize.It is very wonderful.However,this is the handest job as it need much patience to keep fit from the fat man/woman.I agree that she think she is the winner because she have a healthier body.All people are believed that it is nothing important than own the health.I think she need to cherish it.

  9. IcE' 說道:

    It is a special and attractive game. However, it is difficult to lose weight effectively. Many participants may try to eat drugs to lose weight. It is harmful to them. So the sponsor should ensure that the participants have a healthy and right way to lose weight. Lai is a good example. She gives up to eat drugs. She has enough exercise and balanced diet. So i think she is the winner.

  10. Angus 說道:

    What a funny game! It is quite challenging game because it is hard to lose weight effective. However, may be the game is unusual. It may be do harm to the participants.For example, some of them may lose their weight in some harmful ways!But after the game, some of them has win a healthy body.So is it a good game show?

  11. chun yiu 說道:

    It is a amazing game show and also i think it is very attractive . many people are failed to lose weight , such game can help them to lose way effectively and good for their health .It is a miracle since she can lose 88 pounds in 3 mouths . Actually , getting a job and having good health are her biggest prize rather than the money.

  12. ken 說道:

    6B(2) Ken ChanI think if people want to lose weight , they should use drugs as it will affect their health . They should keep a healthy habit and have a balanced diet . I think althought Lai did not get any prize , she becomes fit . Hence , she get a healthy body . It is the best prize . I think the game is very interested and meaningful because it can help people lose weight . I want to watch the TV product but it will be showed in Hong Kong .

  13. jim 說道:

    Lost weight by using drugs will damage the body, cause cancer, however, when the drug user stop taking drugs, their body will fatten again, the skin will slacken also. So, the best way to lose weight is balanced diet and sustained aerobic exerise. I don\’t think a human can lose his/her 88 pounds or even more fatte in three months by doing exercise only, are they having any meat? dietary fibre? drugs?

  14. ching yan 說道:

    6A so ching yan (22) catfirstly,l think this TVshow is so funny , also it can attract more people. however, l think use this way to lose the weight is not good for health.this is because this news said that some participants use a lot of ways to lose the weight, such as eating is so terrible!also nowsaday more and more people want to keep fit . but l think health to keep fit is the most of important . we can use many ways to keep fit,for example playing some sport is the good way.


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