New Sony TVs with a twist!

New Sony TVs with a twist!

Sunny Wong Ho Ching 6B (24)


New Sony TVs turn themselves off if you’re not watching, or when children get too close


A new model HDTV from Sony not only is a 3D television, but also can turn themselves off when there are no-one is watching. This new invention can save electricity and lengthen the life of the television.


 I think this invention can help me a lot, many times I turn the TV on, I work on computer or  do something else. It’s very cool, especially if you’re trying to save money on your power bill. It’s a little wonder that a TV would be checking to see if you’re actually paying attention. It is only a reflection action when i come home to turn the TV on. And also, I always watch films or TV programmes, I love watching very much at the evening.


This new tech 3D HDTV can bring us a new experience of watching these. If the HDTV is connected to a Blue-ray Disc Player, we can enjoy 3D films at home also, such as Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. I love watching action movies very much. This new television can satisfy me.


Thank Sony for its inspiring inventions for us, like Playstation, Digital Single Lens Reflex and now this Hi-tech HDTV. I am looking forward to next Sony invention.

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18 Responses to New Sony TVs with a twist!

  1. ben 說道:

    This advanced invention is not just environmental-friendly, but also user-friendly!It\’s useful to prevent the children get too close to the television.Besides, it is a great progress in the function of the television. From now on,we can enjoy 3D films at home, I really hope I can have a 3D HDTV in the future , so that I can enjoy the 3D films!But do we need to wear a 3D glasses when watching 3D films through this television?

  2. tommy 說道:

    yes i agree with you. i think this new invention can be used in other electric appliance such as computer. i can save many resources when we forget to turn off the computer when we leave. however if we really want to save more money and electricity we have to remind ourselves to switch off all the electric appliance when we leave.

  3. pui shan 說道:

    It may be better for those who always forget to turn their television off to buy this type of television. I don\’t think that there are a large demand of this type of television in the market, as I believe that most peolpe remender to turn their television off when they do not want to watch the television. The new tech 3D HDTV can bring us different experience of watching the programmes,but they also inrease extent of tried of our eyes more than watching HDTV. Thus we need to use the new tech 3D HDTV very carefully.

  4. Patricia 說道:

    I think this new model HDTV invention can help people who have children in their family, because some children may get too close to television just like me, this will result in eye disease and children may suffer from short-sight problem which means they have to wear glasses in daily life.So, I really feel that this is a very useful invention and can bring benefits to the public.

  5. Cheuk kit 說道:

    I think that the new Sony 3D HDTV is a great invention. Besides helping children not to get too close to the television for preventing getting short-sight,the new Sony HDTV can also turn itself off and save the energy while we are not using it.Moreover, the new HDTV has 3D functionand this means that 3D movie will be watched on the television.Even when PS3 have a 3D game and connect to the television , it will have have a 3D effect and better sight effect and make us feel that we are in the games.

  6. Helen 說道:

    I think the new model HDTV is really an interesting invention.It can prevent children from getting too close to television and turn themselves off.This invention may be benificial to the environment.Furthermore, people can enjoy 3D films at home. It is very convenient.

  7. manfei 說道:

    What a wonderful product ! Of course , SONY usually bring the lastest electric appliance for the international . This new tech 3D HDTV not only improve the quality of the daily life, but also can reduce the chance of getting short-sighted because of getting too close to the television. Moreover , we can enjoy 3D movies at home instead of cinema , this can save our time and money ! However , i believe this 3D HDTV must be very expensive ~

  8. Lily 說道:

    I think that the new Sony 3D HDTV is a good invention. It not only is a 3D television, but also can turn themselves off when there are no-one is watching. It can be used in the other electric product. Nowadays, many children are too close to watch TV, it will be easily to get eye disease. So, I think that it can prevent the children who are too close to the television.

  9. IcE' 說道:

    In the past, we could only watch 3D films in the cinema but now we can watch it at home bcause of the new model HDTV. It is a wonderful invention. Moreover,it can prevent children getting too close to TV.Also, it can turn themselves off so that it can help us to save electricity. It is really great!

  10. sik kin 說道:

    wow,what an interesting invention! it can save a lot of power if the people have that bad habit and also the children are too close to the tvmoreover, if we missed the films which are 3D in cinema, we can enjoy the film in home through the 3D HDTV

  11. Angus 說道:

    Ooh! It is FANTASTIC. This function can save more energy which can help to protect our earth!For some families have that bad habit, it can reduce their expenditure like electric fee.I want one too!

  12. chun yiu 說道:

    As far as i am concerned , the new function can save a lot of energy which cen help alleviate the problem of shortage of energy . Moreover , we can enjoy the 3D movie at home rather than going to cinema . it is a good way for us to save time and money since we don\’t have to go out and buy a ticket . Such invetion can inprove our living standard , it brought us lots of benefits

  13. ken 說道:

    6B(2) Ken ChanI think 3D television is a great technology because it can help people save energy and money. Nowadays , more and more movies are used 3D technology to produce . Therefore , if people want to watch 3D movies , they need to go to theaters .However , people can watch 3D movies at home when they buy a 3D television . Although the price is very expensive , it will reduce in near future .

  14. jim 說道:

    Energy saving is one of the hottest topics nowadays, and it is awesome to have a self-turning off television. I think Sony has to invent whole set of appliances which are connected to each other by wi-fi, infra-red etc, turning off themselves if other one is using, more energy can be saved. Is a high-tech television possible to record all the news and playback when the user is back? That will be amazing.

  15. KAZUYI 說道:

    Well, most of the time I think this new SONY TV is very convenient because it can really help us save money. However, if I\’m just walk away to do other things during the advertising time, and this TV turns of itself, it seems not good for the TV. This may break the TV because I have to turn it on after I come back. 3D TV is also very convenient too as people don\’t have to pay for the expensive tickets to watch the 3D movie in the cinema. We can just stay home and buy 3D movie DVDs to watch. Since there was a research found that it is not good for people to watch too long with the 3D-glasses, we have to be careful on the time.LI MANG (STELLA) 6A 12

  16. Wing 說道:

    3D HDTV,it seems not new techology for me that i have knew which 3D-techology is already use in the LED / LCD monitor.In nowadays ,a lot of display-card is build-in a 3D-display fuction which can be use in a few monitor which are produced in past few year.however , the quility of those techology in the past seems not good as SONY 3D HDTV,it is true that there is a market on 3D TV . We can look on the film industery,there is many flim produce in 3D-techology ,such as AVATAR which is the best selling movie in the world.6A , sam wong


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