My New Year Holiday (Diary Entry)

My New Year Holiday (Diary Entry)

Sky Yuen Chun Yu 2A (33)


Last Weekend was Chinese New Year. I was so happy because in Chinese New Year, I could get so much red packet money.


First, I went to my grandmother’s home to celebrate the New Year’s Day. We usually go with a present! I got approximately $300. I was so happy because I got $300 red packet money in grandmother’s home.


This Chinese New Year is my favourite Chinese New Year. I will never forget this Chinese New Year.

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12 Responses to My New Year Holiday (Diary Entry)

  1. 說道:

    oh! you have some red packet too !

  2. 說道:

    I like that ….well done… harder !

  3. Unknown 說道:

    you are ……….. very bad Chinese New Year

  4. 望星 說道:

    It`s very funny .This is a good job.You need work harder.I love it very much.

  5. 肥邱 說道:

    very well!it is great!keep going!

  6. Fung 說道:

    chinese new year is one of the well loved festival in hong kong among teenagersbecause the teenagers have red packet money!

  7. Yuk Shui 說道:

    You are very lucky to got the lucky money because I didn\’t have any red packet .Work hard for you english . I hope you will have a happy New Year next year .

  8. tung 說道:

    In chinese new year,my father and I went to see grandfather ,In there I have many many money ^__^

  9. 說道:

    You are very love money,right?Me Too la,but you like the new year cannot only caurse the money.Do you un?

  10. Unknown 說道:

    you very good I only 100$

  11. 洛熙 說道:

    Your new year so funny , I really love red packet .I hope you have a happy new year next year .

  12. 耀南 說道:

    you are so good i like your Chinese New Year


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