The Movie ‘All the way up’

The Movie "All the way up"
Catherine Chu

Somebody  wants  to  fly  and   has dreams. This film talks about an old man trying to make his dream come true which is the journey high up in the sky.

   My dream is travelling around the world. Since I can see different cities and  look  forward  to experience special things . If I can do that .I feel excited. Carl who is a retired balloon salesman  uses  the balloon to fly .It is amazing.

 When I have this dream, I will do the best. I enjoy travelling . Once, I went to Thailand. People were nice to me and always gave the best  food to me although they  are  also   poor. Then I promise myself. If I travel around the world.I will help people. It is worth doing.

   At last, I  think everyone must have a dream .Then it will mobility you and give you emgery  . It is good . You can do that.

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2 Responses to The Movie ‘All the way up’

  1. W a I。 說道:

    very good!

  2. ck leung 說道:

    2B (02)very good! what\’s your name?where do you leve?


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