Emily Tang

In my dream, Christmas is warm, romantic and pleasant.  In reality, that is not like my imagination.

  I have never been with my family at Christmas because they worked all the time and we didn’t live together when I was little. There wasn’t any chance for us to celebrate Christmas.  I feel sorry about that!

    I always imagine if I were a child in the fairy tales, I would be very happy since I could celebrate Christmas.  Moreover, my parents would prepare Christmas dinner and presents for him.  I’m very jealous of those happy children in the tales.  I just have lonely Christmas every year.

  If I have a child in the future, I will celebrate all the festivals with her.  I will not let her feel lonely like me. I want her to be happy.

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11 Responses to Christmas

  1. ching♥ 說道:

    this christmas is very romantic….i\’m very fire….

  2. 翼.天使 說道:

    Then you might think how the kind of Christmas in the end? You will also want their parents for Christmas?2b 16

  3. 說道:

    hi you say very good.

  4. 說道:

    I like the christmas, because christmas is so happy

  5. 郭文龍 說道:

    i don\’t think so because last christmas was bad

  6. 康. 說道:

    I feel your christmas hoilday is verry unhappy, because you can\’t to been with your family at christmas . good luck for you!.2B(10)

  7. 銘健 說道:

    i like the christmas,…but i not have the gift …2B22.蘇嘉杰

  8. Shuk'' Yin 說道:

    I think this christmas holiday is very fun!!!

  9. kwunho 說道:

    my chirstman is very depressed because i always dwell on hometo look your article i feel warm2B (11

  10. cho yan 說道:

    I know your feeling becace my family work at Christmas too.So I \’m stay in home at uninteresting night . by 4a yan


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